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Dec. 1 Bless Your Heart


Friday, December 1, 2017

I would very much like to make arrangements with the gentlemen known as “the last ones to let you down.” It would be nice to know that I had a place to go when the time came. The problem is that my wife of many (many) years is dead set against it. I had hoped to go with a “double,” but may have to settle for a “single.”

Pitt County Council on Aging congregants are happy for our director, Rich Zeck, for all the wonderful things he has been doing at the center since he has been with the group. Congratulations on his recently being elected mayor of Simpson. We are thankful for him and his accomplishments. God bless him.

I would like to offer a BYH to the ambulance drivers in Pitt County who answer calls for people who are injured. I recently needed an ambulance because of an accident I had on the job. The drivers who helped me were the nicest, kindest, most polite human beings that I had seen in a long time. They did a fantastic job. Also bless your heart to the people in the emergency room.

BYH to all the stores and all the people who put Christmas before Thanksgiving. You should be ashamed of yourself. You should be thankful for what you have and celebrate Thanksgiving before you celebrate Christmas.

BYH, parents of children in Pitt County Schools. There are only three or four cafeteria workers in each school. They try their best to help take care of your children. They feed them, clean up after them, mop the floor and empty trash cans and that is just after breakfast. Then they get ready for lunch. Instead of complaining, please, please try to give them more help or vounteer yourself. 

To the students at ECU, both independent and Greek, you have banded together to take control of the mayoral, District 3 and at-large seats on the Greenville City Council. Since you have demonstrated clearly that you can take control, for yourself, your health and your family, you need to be more sensible at parties. The amount of alcohol consumption and other items can be deadly. Take it from someone who knows.

Bless your heart to all who have forgotten where they were before moving up in the world. Some have a tendency to look down on others who are not as fortunate as they are. Always remember you didn’t accomplish what you did without help. Some of us are struggling so hard to maintain and we need uplifting and encouragement. A kind word sometimes can lift a person so much.

BYH to the people that insist on smoking cigarettes near small children at parades and kids’ birthday parties. We get it. You have zero concern for your own health. At least please have some consideration of others, especially children.

Bless our hearts, we have gone from a society of good faith to a society of self interest.

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