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Dec. 4 Bless Your Heart


Monday, December 4, 2017

Bless the Uptown businesses that want us taxpayers to support them with even more taxes for more free parking. We already pay more than enough for the parking deck that will never pay for itself. We all pay for it in greater congestion on our roads, more air and noise pollution and flooding problems. Enough is enough, and stop the free parking addiction and make the drivers pay for their own spaces.

BYH to the ECU athletics director. We hear there is no money to make a coaching change, yet we have millions to build monuments. The real question is, who is responsible for getting us in this situation?

BYH to the lack of planning to make sidewalks accessible in Greenville. The city builds new accessible sidewalks on Pitt Street, but then Greenville Utilities builds a crossarm for their staff parking lot and blocks all accessibility. Now wheelchair users are forced out into the street dodging cars because of GU's poor attitude and lack of caring for the ADA.

Bless my heart, I'll occasionally switch to Fox News when everything else is on commercials. I literally cannot stomach that Republican/Trump propaganda for more than a couple minutes and don't see how anybody can.

BYH ECU for the plans to build a science center over the old dry cleaners on 10th Street without cleaning up the polluted soil first. So when professors, workers, and students get sick later on in the building, don't expect us taxpayers to pay for their medical bills.

BYH to the Town of Ayden and the Christmas Parade. It was a long parade and what I could see it of pretty good. People kept getting in front of my family due to all the vehicles sitting on the parade route. It’s ashamed that the town allows cars to park on your parade route. This even happens during the Collard Festival too. I can remember years ago the town would rope off the parking spots so there were no cars sitting on the parade route, what happened to your hometown caring about people wanting to see your parades?

BYH to the mean girls in their 50s who think cosmetic surgery is the answer to your black hearts. Do us all a favor and mind you own business. I believe in karma. Merry Christmas?

It is generally wise to learn from the mistakes of others rather than to make them yourself. For instance, I recently picked up a few tips from Matt Lauer's situation which may be germane to my workplace. Apparently, it is in poor taste to offer a female co-worker a sex toy along with instructions on it's use.

Bless your heart to our children who have to stand at the corner to catch the school bus. It’s very harsh for the children standing in the pouring rain and cold. Some of the children have to walk quite a distance to get the bus. If there’s a problem with the bus, it makes them have to wait even longer.

No BYH to a court system that allows case continuations, justice delayed, until the attorney gets paid.

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