A no BYH to the neighbor constantly burning. You got me sick. So I’m sending you the dr bill....

Dec. 5 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

George Washington said that hot impulses in the House would cool in the deliberation of the Senate. Did you see Mitch McConnell schedule any deliberation?

I think it’s about time for the men to start telling about who sexually harassed them. I am a woman and there are two sides to a story and it takes two to tango.

BYH, it is good news for ECU students to begin a lifelong habit of always voting, especially if this local city election was their first time voting! It is your constitutional right and duty to vote for your choice, not to be told or shown how to vote, if you participate in Greek life. Your vote is supposed to be private. Obviously, each and every vote counts!

BYH to Tricia Hearns for asking friends and family to help donate 20 complete Thanksgiving dinner baskets. She ended up donating 20 baskets and five boxes. Another BYH to the young lady who chatted with us about our mission in the checkout line as we waited with a cart filled with turkeys. She returned to the store with a smile, wanting to help with a donation that allowed us to make the last five boxes complete. May all who contributed be blessed beyond measure.

Cameras are needed at every stoplight in Greenville. I hope Greenville makes a lot of money from these tickets. We need to slow down and stop passing on the no-passing line also.

I get it now. Whenever the current occupant of the WH says anything in public or on Twitter we are to automatically assume the opposite. If he says, "I am not a crook," it means "I am a crook." Got it. BYH to this country if we survive this manbaby.

BYH Reflector, don't you think it is too much to show pictures of Tiger Woods every day starting before the beginning of Hero World Challenge and never showing the leaders?

Three out of three votes this week Congressman Walter B. Jones Jr. voted with the Democrats against his party. He has not switched back but is hurting his District by voting with the Democrats. No wonder he has few friends in Congress! He gets nothing accomplished.

BYH to the NCDOT for their mysterious solution to the NC 11/Hanrahan road intersection. An obvious choice would have been a smart traffic light, but they chose to close Hanrahan Road. Love all the additional traffic on Littlefield Road.

Bless your heart to those drivers who play their loud, awful music to disturb people who are trying to sleep at night. That offends me and my privacy. You’re disturbing people who are trying to get sleep! What if that happened to you? Would you like being interrupted in your sleep?

BYH to cats and dogs, pets of all sorts who teach us unconditional love. Except for fish. Fish don't even know you're there.

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