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Dec. 10 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Folks are upset at the limited mention of Pearl Harbor this year. But despite so many Americans losing their lives fighting fascism in WWII, there is so little concern that Nazis and neo-fascists bless our President. Shame on the GOP, and all of those who still enable Nazis. It's just a desecration of the lives lost fighting in WWII.

Fox news is the only network that actually tells the truth about Donald Trump's agenda. The president wants to enforce the immigration laws, create more jobs and try to help the people actually paying taxes. The other news channels never give him credit for anything. Even a broken clock is right twice a day

This bless your heart is for the person in the town of Winterville who is complaining about too many lights. We’ve been trying to get lights on Jones street. We’d be glad to take some of those lights that you say are too bright for your neighborhood.

So I go to urgent care clinic after I sliced my thumb open. Do you have insurance? Oh yes, Medicare and a supplement. We do not take Medicare. Fine, I got cash money. Oh, no. Since you have insurance that we do not take then we cannot accept your cash. Do you need directions to another urgent care? No, I need directions to a psychiatrist.

Ann Coulter in the The Daily Reflector? Yikes! I guess it had to happen at some point, but BYH, right before Christmas? Now I won't be able to get this nasty taste out of my mouth even with the candy canes. Many of her articles have so many blatant falsehoods that reviewers and editors won't waste their time refuting her ridiculousness.

Bless the hearts of our corporate office. Someone fudged on payroll and overpaid every employee. Now the extra money will be taken out of our next check. So much for thinking they were going to be nice this year and give us a Christmas bonus.

BYH to the city of Greenville for promoting the use of the Greenway for transportation so as to reduce some car traffic to ECU's campus, but now with shorter days, we're told it is a "linear park" that is closed when it is dark. Since your sidewalks are incomplete and bike lanes worn-out and disconnected, you force everyone onto the same congested roads. Do those close when it is dark, too?

BYH to the writer who encouraged people to read the bible before setting the wise men in their Christmas displays. I agree having the wise men set at three and present at the birth is a display of biblical ignorance but c'mon almost all Christmas icons having other to do with religion, Santa, Rudolph, Trees, Candy Canes, Snowmen, etc. are all inventions and distractions from the real reason for the season.

BYH, just remember that the highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free.

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