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Dec. 12 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

BYH to people that steal any time of year and to those who know those people are stealing. If you buy something from a person who steals stuff you too can get in big trouble. Just thought I would share that information with you all. Let's see what you do with that information!

Bless Trumps’s clueless heart. Moving America’s embassy to Jerusalem only makes peace talks impossible and improbable. He obviously doesn’t care about the ramifications of such a decision. He only wants to fulfill a campaign promise so he has some “accomplishment” to crow about before year end.

BYH DR for a recent column about Roy Moore. Now I know where Faux News comes from: Ann Coulter's mouth.

BYH to "Cops on the Roof" and to all who made this possible. How about adding a helmet for each bike?

Bless your hearts to the politicians who foist trillions of debt upon us. It is said that if you take $1 trillion and stack them one on top of another, the pile will be 67,000 miles high. Talk about Jack and the Beanstalk, and we are well in excess of $20 trillion and growing.

BYH to the less than or fewer than confused people. The wordsmiths at Wal-Mart go with less than for the express lanes and I think they are trying to go with the number of items you have not their total value. Although my English teacher would say it is fewer than, I feel if I see it at Wal-Mart, it must be right.

BYH to all the Democrats in Congress who say the tax plan will add a trillion dollars to the debit. They didn’t say a peep, not a word, when Obama doubled the debit in eight years and racked up more debit than all past presidents combined in our history. The hypocrisy is disgusting .

Boo! Obama. Trying to take credit for President Trump’s victories and accomplishments so far into his presidency!

No BYH to Obama going on a trip to the same countries President Trump just went to! What's up with that? Obama needs to stay out of the way! He could just save our tax dollars and stay home, wherever that is. It still cost the taxpayers money when he decides to go on a trip like that.

BYH to the Greenville Police. Those who had firearms stolen from their vehicles the other night should have been charged with failure to secure firearms. Now because of their carelessness our citizens are in danger of being robbed or shot by one of these firearms. When these firearms show up at a murder or robbery, I feel these students are responsible as well as the one who stole the firearms. I hope no one gets killed over their carelessness. I am a gun owner, and I secure my guns. Everyone else should do the same. This is a serious part of owning a firearm. Merry Christmas.

Bless your heart, there is always a reason to smile. Find it.

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