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Dec. 13 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

An “Outstanding Job" to the Winterville Police Department chief, and to all the police departments and personnel involved in Cops of the Rooftop! There will be some happy children thanks to all of them.

I installed one of those video cameras on my doorbell and it actually works. Now I can see who I am ignoring. It gives more satisfaction not to answer the door now that I can see the faces of my family and friends.

Bless the hearts of seafood stores that still use newspapers to wrap fish. Those stores are a blessing to society and recycling the newspapers is a worthy cause even if it does cause the fish to stink.

Bless the collective hearts of the fourth-grade teachers, bus drivers and parent volunteers from Eastern Elementary who planned and organized a rainy, cold but very educational field trip this past Friday. What a shame that there were so many things to see and so little time. Great job, Eagles! An extra special BYH to the driver and the super hubby who stayed behind on U.S. 264 when the bus broke down!

Donald Trump, despite his faults, is working as hard as any president in recent memory to help the country. The Congress, however, is doing everything in its power to see to it he does not succeed.

Will the three or four people who ride bikes please put in the BYH when I can see someone riding a bike other than on ECU campus so I can appreciate the reason for spending all this money on bike paths on our major roads? Yet to see a soul using them!

BYH to Greenville and Winterville for making us feel at home since moving here almost three months ago

BYH to whoever is supposed to be looking at the safety on Greenville roads. You obviously do not drive around at night or on rainy nights. No cross lines going south on Evans across Greenville Boulevard, obviously not straight across and I almost got hit by someone not knowing the lanes. No end marker on the divider as you turn off Evans to Greenville Boulevard, nothing to see where you are. Many more, get out there and do your job!

What has happened to our representation in Congress? How can everything be so clearly defined along Republican and Democratic lines? I've always heard that when there are two sides to an issue, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. Both sides are paid to vote a certain way and if they solve a problem the payments will stop. Therefore, they do not solve the problems. Who supports term limits?

BYH to the members of the Americas Guardians Motorcycle Club from Jacksonville who flooded the Vidant pediatrics hospital waiting room with Christmas gifts for the children and the Santa Shop. What a special blessing during this Advent season. Thank you for your love and generosity.

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