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Dec. 14 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Just wanted to say Bless Your Heart to a young lady who was in the Dollar Tree store Saturday. I spent some time with her young daughter who appeared to be about 3 years old. She also had a young son who appeared to be about 7. She paid for my items to thank me for spending time with her daughter. ‘Tis the season for all of us to be kind.

I read the entire article on poinsettias, found out every color in the book, looked to the bitter end trying to find out how to keep them alive. I have heard poinsettias don’t like wet feet and to use ice cubes to water them. I never have a great deal of luck. You’d have thought they would’ve tucked in instructions for prolonging their life.

Bless my heart, I do not understand urgent care that does not accept Medicare and therefore could not take the individual’s insurance nor cash. Do you have a sign posted outside your facility that indicates you do not take Medicare or certain types of insurance and what exactly you do take so a person will not stop there who needs urgent care?

Congratulations and BYH to Doug Jones, new senator from Alabama. He may be voted out in the next election for a random Republican, but until then he can make it just a little bit harder for Trump and his Republicans to realize their agenda.

BYH to Jack and the Beanstalk. What about the 1,340 mile stack of ones Gov. Cooper spent in his first three months.

Why do these Republicans on TV lie so much, or at least live in some sort of alternate reality? I keep hearing them talk about Trump's “decisive” victory last year. In what world does getting three million votes less constitute a decisive victory — a  technical one at best and probably a false one, with Russian interference. I wouldn't doubt if they hacked the electronic voting machines in the key electoral states, where exit polling suspiciously differed from voting results. Bless our hearts.

Bless the hearts of women who attended campaign rallies supporting Hillary Clinton knowing she is married and has enabled the biggest sexual predator in U.S. political history.

BYH to the person talking about charging red light runners ... that's what the fine is, a charge. You can't put somebody in jail for life for running a red light. Educate yourself on the justice system and maximum penalties for certain offenses.

A retail report states that old-fashioned malls are rotting away. Big box retailers now build free-standing buildings. And the malls failed to provide adequate security so that when shopping at a mall, you can expect to hear cursing and be pushed around by those who go there for entertainment. Another reason to shop online. Ain't it sad?

BYH, never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

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