Stop printing EBT cards and illegal immigration ceases to exist. Global warming would take a hit too....

Dec. 26 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

BYH, God will only be with you as much as you let him in.

Bless your heart to all of the people who constantly complain about people being in this country illegally. May I remind you that this country was supposed to be the land of the free. Don't forget it was stolen from the Native Americans by people just like you complainers. Stop complaining and learn to embrace people of different cultures; they are not going anywhere. Just my two cents worth.

BYH to the people in IHOP who paid for an old veteran and his family's meal. Much appreciated. We will pay it forward. Best to all in the new year!

There is talk of a big rate increase for coastal homeowner's insurance. I got a sneaky suspicion that before it is all over the rate increase will be spread all over the state so the oceanfront property owners will be protected. At least they could wave to us commoners when we ride by trying to get a view of the ocean. Reminds me of the country song, "Why does the rich man dance while the poor man pays the band?"

BYH to the front page coverage of the Brew and ’Cue Trail. I hope the visitor's bureau has restocked the passporks. I recently visited two of the restaurants and both were out of passporks. It is a good idea but needs to backed up with more than just talk. To promote the trail and not have the passporks available is false advertising.

BYH, life is choice. Choose kindness.

BYH President Trump. My tax dropped to 22 percent from 29 percent for 2018. My car is 17 years old now i can finally get a new one.

BYH, this is not a drill. There is a real threat to our democracy and rule of law in the would-be despot in the White House. We are under attack from the inside, and you cannot afford to sleep any longer.

BYH to the reader who commented on the cost of two front teeth for Christmas. I so agree with you about dental costs ... it’s just legal robbery, especially when’s you know how much those crowns, bridges and implants really cost the dentist. Greed at its finest.

BYH to our City Council. You must have been tricked by your developer buddies into allowing all these student apartment complexes. Now we see that we are over-saturated. After the buildings, currently under construction, are complete we will be super-saturated. Your next big problem will be how to bail out the developers. Maybe we can buy the buildings and turn them over to Middle East refugees. We can them become the little Chicago of eastern N.C.

BYH, be the type of person you would want to be around forever.

It's way past time to balance the federal budget. If Congress can't do it, give me the budget and a box of red markers. I'll have the budget balanced and the country back in the black in no time.

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