BYH to all who have yard signs supporting NC hog farming. Yes, farms = food. And clean water = life. Reasonable people...

Dec. 27 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

BYH to Amazon Prime. You made this procrastinator’s Christmas shopping a success!

A sincere BYH to the City of Greenville for creating and maintaining a wonderful dog park. And another sincere BYH to those dog owners who clean up after their dogs.

I am tired of all the liberals who claim to have so much compassion for illegal immigrants, when what they really want is to add voters to the Democratic party.

Civilization is still in alpha. It's a long way from version 1.0.

BYH to Pitt County Senior Center for arranging boxed meals to be delivered to the needy seniors to cover the holidays! Merry Christmas!

BYH N.C. DMV for finally rolling out REAL ID driver's licenses. The law was passed in 2005 in response to many of the 2001, Sept. 11 attackers having N.C. driver's licenses. Here we are nearly twenty years later implementing a reasonable response by 2020. Nothing like dragging your feet and making our entire country's security weaker for it. At least now we're on the road to being great again.

I know that some have complained about the bless your heart column and the DR must have taken their message to heart. Lately the BYH has been about as dull as an Art History course. Quit tossing aside good submissions and printing the tripe. Give us something to look forward to rather than mass submissions of little interest. The DR ain't gonna win no Pulitzer for this stuff.

BYH DR for the heartwarming story about the family who called 911 and received lifesaving instructions and a new friend. Loved it!

So if you make less than $75,000 per year, and get a pittance from this “tax cut” (if that) to be more than made up by higher insurance premiums to make up for the 13 million that will soon no longer have insurance, do enjoy the $1.5 trillion (1,500 stacks with a billion in each stack) hole in the debt these cretins created to provide themselves and their donors the real tax cut. “Bless” their hearts.

BYH to kind people everywhere.

Thank you to the teacher at our child's school who tries to gently remind drivers who are waiting to pick up children to turn off their cars’ engines. The pollution pumped out of those dozens of cars just sitting in front of schools every day for hours harms the  lungs, hearts, and brains of so many children and staff. Please help her out and turn off your cars. Reducing your own exposure to carbon monoxide will do your health some good, too.

BYH, the past doesn't exist, it's gone. The future doesn't exist, it hasn't happened yet. Enjoy the moment, it is real. Be here now. Happy 2018!

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