BYH-I am so tired of going to stores at University Commons and having someone come to me in the parking lot to ask for...

Dec. 30 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Love the idea of the local “passpork” for the Brew and ’Cue trail to promote local businesses. Well done to the Convention and Visitors Bureau for finding a fun way to promote local food and drinks.

Okay, some of the roads in Greenville are getting resurfaced (not Dickinson) but a loud BYH to the two railroads, NCDOT and our own Public Works for not making all the railroad crossings as smooth as the one on Regency Boulevard. The one on Arlington near Physicians East is, and has been for ages, a sure trip for a  four-wheel alignment.

"This tax cut is not good for me, believe me" and "I have a lot of rich friends who are not pleased with me" are the things Trump said leading up to his tax cut vote, to try to sell us on it. Then he told a rich crowd at his golf resort, “I just made you a lot of money.” His lying has reached the level of sociopathy, bless his heart.

What is with this Republican fixation in drilling in ANWAR (Arctic National Wildlife Alaskan Refuge)? Do they not remember the Exxon Valdez? They will be responsible for every life form killed in the next great spill up there, and I hope karma catches up with them, “bless” their heart.

Bless our hearts, if we'd spent 1.5 trillion improving the infrastructure in 2008-12, the recession would have ended a lot sooner and we'd all be better off. But the Senate and House decided to give it away so it can be used to fund political campaigns.

The person who complained of government selling land needs to check his facts. The land was merely opened for public use by the state wherein it resides. Previously no one but park officials could enter. A big plus for lovers of outdoors.

BYH to the "dossier." It is worthless! Maybe the Mueller team can prosecute the guy in the DOJ or FBI who rewrote it to sound like something else. See Obama did try to flip the election in Israel, but Trump did not in Russia! So now what is the game plan?

BYH to all of those parents or other adults who bought their children new bicycles for the holidays, but neglected to make sure they have helmets. Please get them helmets, ensure they wear them and learn the rules for riding on the road — as in with, not against, traffic.

Blessings to Barnes & Noble for resisting the repeated requests by kids to have a bike rack at your store. Now they just lock their bikes to the cafe tables and the trees in the parking lot. So may I follow their lead and park my car in the trees or on the sidewalk whenever I want, too? C'mon, make it safer for these kids to come in your store, buy books, and read will ya? BYH.

BYH to those who start removing Christmas decorations on only the third or fourth day of Christmas. Remember that there are twelve days starting on Dec. 25, so “Merry Christmas!”

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