BYH to folks that don’t move over or get out of the way for emergency vehicles. One day it might be your relative they...

Dec. 31 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, December 31, 2017

What? They are removing those ugly speed humps downtown, I mean uptown? I just may venture "up town" and take a look.

BYH to the Greenville Museum of Art and the recent endowment of $1 million from June Ficklen. So happy the GMA no longer has to struggle for money.

The nightly news just reported that due to provisions in the new Trump/GOP tax bill, charitable donations will go down by $13 billion in the next year. Thanks a lot to that law that codifies greed. Bless your heart to our corrupt leaders.

BYH to the Trump naysayers. I greatly appreciated the first year of the Trump presidency. If you didn't appreciate his efforts concerning the economy, you probably don't own any mutual funds.

BYH to the Greenville police for ticketing me in front of my house because the car's left side was toward the curb on a quiet residential street. Maybe they can work up to nabbing the multiple drivers who cut through gas stations at corners or who don't use turn signals. The City of Greenville can rest easy now that I have been brought to justice.

BYH "job creators"/employers and now Vidant. The new way to take advantage of employees is PTO, or paid time off, whereby vacation time and holidays have merged. These methods to get more and more from us is where trade unions used to be an enormous advantage to help working folk. The need for them is appearing greater than ever now to get back the time off we all deserve. That old phrase has meaning again: Workers of the World, Unite!

Bless my heart. Got a raise on my Social Security. Thanks to health insurance, my check is $35 less. Oh well. Thanks for the raise.

Bless your heart, Channel 9 television news. Four days post Christmas it’s time to take the Santa commercials off that you have with newscasters, the ones with the cookies, etc. They were wonderful when they applied, but it is now time to take them off. Hope everybody didn’t go on vacation there.

Bless your heart, when you find a large sum of money that doesn’t belong to you, please do your best to try to find the rightful owner. The money was to be used to pay some bills. You must feel guilty about spending the money that you found without trying to find the rightful owner. Anyway, bless your heart.

Most of our politicians are bad-mouthing our country by saying the United States is no longer great. It’s about time that we tell these bad-mouthers that they are wrong. How do we do this? We gather or assemble some place and have an old-fashioned, patriotic sing-along. We all get together and sing patriotic songs, praising our great country. Let’s stop bad mouthing and sing about our great country and watch our country go greater. C’mon, let’s do this. Let’s give it a try. God bless you all.

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