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Jan. 1 Bless Your Heart


Monday, January 1, 2018

The Washington Post recently printed that Bojangles biscuits taste like baking soda. What does a Yankee newspaper know about biscuits? Let those carpetbaggers stick with bagels and leave the biscuits to those who know something about them.

Of all the coverage I have seen about the cold weather and heating safety, not one mention of using a humidifier. Adding moisture to the air is very beneficial during cold, dry weather.

It is a simple solution idea for the city of Greenville. Since we often read stories of drivers crashing their cars through store fronts and we read that Greenville bikers are often forced to lock their vehicles to trees and trash cans, why don't we do what Raleigh and other N.C. cities do? Install more bike racks along all of our sidewalks (which i know is limited) and use them as safety bollards, too.

BYH to DR for allowing the bike rack maker over 250 spots of free advertising in BYH column. Kudos him for beating you out of those dollars. If you all don't get bike racks for your businesses, he will soon close you down also.

BYH to the writer who thinks the 911 hijackers had N.C. drivers licenses. Try to find the facts and truth before you write. The 911 Commission report makes it very clear their licenses were from Arizona, California and Florida. They had ID cards from Florida and Maryland. The FBI report confirmed this.

BYH to those trying to blow smoke defending this president and his GOP trying to open up our national monuments and parkland to drilling and mining. Google it; do the research. They consider protecting lands sacred to native tribes to be “government overreach.” Bless their hearts.

BYH to the snowflakes who believe all of the anonymous sources that comes out with fake news saying President Trump told his rich friends at golf resort after passing tax reform "I just made you a lot of money" I can't believe people fall for this as fact.

Time to drain the swamp at PCC. Let's get some trustees that will provide adequate oversight for the institution.

Bless the hearts of all of the NASCAR wannabes on 14th Street between Fire Tower and Red Banks. You are perfecting your drafting and rapid passing and cutting skills when the road turns to four lanes is impressive. You should be ready for the upcoming season with all of the great practice each and every day. If the city needs money they should find cameras that detect at least 10 miles over the speed limit and send tickets to help with filling the potholes on Arlington and other areas that need help.

Bless your heart to the person who bought lunch for us (my dad and my brother — my dad, for his military experience) at IHOP. Thank you. God bless you. It will be passed on. Merry Christmas.

BYH, Happy 2018! Many blessings!

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