BYH to the City of Greenville if they will install Hybrid Beacon lights at mid-block crosswalks. These crosswalks are...

Jan. 3 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

BYH Greenville police. I very much support the police in general, but living in the most accident-prone city in the world, I have to complain that in the last two weeks, I have been behind a police car on two occasions when the car in front of the patrol car turned left on a solid red light and the police person completely ignored it or was on their cellphone and missed it. Not feeling good about either!

BYH to locally owned small businesses. The Saturday before Christmas my wife was preparing our family’s Christmas dinner. Her microwave died. I called Malcolm Williams at Greenville TV. He said he was sorry he did not have an installer on Saturday. Then he said, “If you can come by the store, I will loan you a countertop model to get through the weekend.” Dinner saved. How fortunate we are to have customer-focused businesses like Greenville TV.

BMH. I was watching TV when the tone-deaf car guys came on singing. Changed stations only to see the carpetbagger car guys talking too way fast. So I turned it off. Silence is golden!

We should hold a special election to vote on having free health care, free college, free housing, open borders.If it passes, anyone that votes yes should automatically have to pay twice as much taxes as the people who vote no. Someone has to pay, and it might as well be the ones that are so liberal.

Is it going to take somebody getting hurt or killed before Blackjack-Simpson Road gets paved? Bless your heart if you have to travel it.

BYH, Trump absolutely chided Obama for not saying those magic words, 'Islamic terrorism', but cannot bring himself to criticize Putin in any way. How hard is it to say, “I’m outraged in the Russian meddling with our elections, and am taking actions to make sure it never happens again.” Unless he doesn't feel that way.

BYH, remember: if it is too cold outside for you, it is too cold outside for your pets. And bless those especially who have taken in from the cold homeless cats they had been feeding. I have taken in seven. God smiles when you take care of His animals. And they appreciate it, too.

Bless our hearts. When did we adopt such an Orwellian lexicon ? Bush brought us the word 'Homeland' when referring to our country, conjuring images of Russia's “Motherland” and Nazi Germany's “Fatherland.” And it was his dad who used the term “New World Order” many times in many speeches. Am I the only one bothered by this?

BYH to PNC Arena in Raleigh, where the American flag was visibly absent at the Hurricanes versus Penguins hockey game.

The preacher's New Year's sermon was on finding your true path. Of course I found it many years ago. It starts at the hot doughnuts sign and ends at the Skylight in Ayden. Then you nap and contemplate doing it all over again tomorrow.

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