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Jan. 4 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Bless your heart, UPS on Greenville Boulevard. You did everything and more to ensure two children in Gainesville received by Christmas Eve what this Santa in Greenville asked you to help pack on Dec. 22. You did say it would be sent by ground. I am not sure how you made it happen. Your hearts are golden.

BYH to all Americans: We've had forty-five presidents to date. We needed this one to show us how bad things can get. We need to be reminded that votes count and voting has consequences. It takes effort to be worse than Martin Van Buren.

BYH, N.C. and Greenville city management. Now that the monarchs of South Hall and Paramore have finally blessed the plans for the widening of Evans and Old Tar (without undue hardship to our lords and ladies), when are you going to start this much-needed road work. My teeth and car suspension want to know!

BYH to the snowflakes who feel it is too cold outside to wait for their heated bus to go to school on time so things get delayed. Just wait a few years and enter the workplace and you'll have to be out there on time as us workers and farmers have to do — cold or not. Delaying reality does not change it, buttercup, BYH.

Bless your heart to Meals on Wheels and to the volunteers and Council on Aging. It's always a vitally important program in our community and during this frigid week, that hot meal and friendly face checking on the welfare of home-bound seniors is especially important.

Bless our hearts for having Suddenlink. Now that they have removed the Starz movie channels, my only question is when they plan to remove part of my bill. I'm not holding my breath; instead a Fire Stick is in my future and cutting the cable sounds pretty good.

No BYH to people who try to steal stuff from anywhere. Get in line and pay like everybody else. Who made you privileged?

A big bless your heart to a lady and all the men who stopped to offer help on a very cold New Year's Sunday night when they saw my car in the ditch near Cedar Chapel Church. And a special God bless your heart to two men who directed traffic and to two good men who hooked a cable to my car, then pulled my car out with their big truck. May God bless you all. We still have great people in America.

I couldn’t agree more with the recent kudos in Tuesday’s BYH for swim coach Rick Kobe. Just as puzzling as the non-mention of Coach Kobe’s retirement is the non-mention of the swim team’s AAC championship last year (third consecutive), the only AAC championship at ECU last year. Pirate fans are very proud of this rich tradition. Looking forward to number four.

BYH, as long as you feel pain, you're still alive. As long as you make mistakes, you're still human. As long as you keep trying, there is still hope.

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