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Jan. 5 Bless Your Heart


Friday, January 5, 2018

BYH for the schools getting out before the storm that wasn't supposed to get here until some time Wednesday night. Parents at work are not going to be there when they get off the bus or have to be picked up. Some parents just can't leave work early. This becomes a hardship on parents who do not have a backup. I don't think it was the right decision made Wednesday.

BYH, can treason be classified as one of the “high crimes and misdemeanors?” I'm just asking for a friend.

BYH to the person who wants President Trump to blame Russia for hacking our election. Why should he do so? There is no proof of what you claim. Do you know something the rest of us don't?

As a citizen in the Academy Sports and Outdoors store when the shooting incident occurred ... my hat’s off to all who take the oath to protect and serve their community. My heart is saddened for the officer's wife and child who were there shopping as a family and had to endure this. To the officer, his wife and daughter, his family and the employees of Academy who were extremely helpful, supportive and cooperative in so many ways, may you find peace as you move forward from this tragedy.

Bless our hearts: If I had a nickel for every time a microchip is missed by a holding facility, I would be rich! These holding facilities should be closed down. They are a waste of taxpayer money. Animals should go straight to the Pitt County Animal Shelter where trained staff do their jobs right and scan for microchips.

BYH "boneless" chicken wings. You're just a chicken tender. While we're on the topic, BYH real chicken wings, too. You're a lot of work for a little bit of meat.

BYH to the owner of the dog that left him in the fox/coyote pen on Frog Level Road. Last two days he's been inside the gate. Wind chill in the single digits. No food, water or shelter. I guess if you participate in this type of activity you are not concerned with your dog's welfare. Most people don't know fox pens exist in eastern North Carolina. North Carolina should follow Florida and outlaw this activity.

BYH, complaining about a problem without offering a solution is called whining!

A big BYH to all those drivers who are so self-centered and neglect to clear the snow off the roof of their cars before driving down the road. Y'all see the snow flying off others and hitting the cars behind them? That's because your laziness leads to danger for others. Take a minute and clear the snow off and save some lives!

Bless Your Heart to Dr. Christy Barndt. You are truly a compassionate and caring veterinarian. You went above and beyond for me and my kitties at Christmas time. We are forever grateful for everything you did for us.

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