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Jan. 8 Bless Your Heart


Monday, January 8, 2018

BYH: To all the food banks, and churches who give out free food to the needy. Some of you do a great deed, but many of you require a life history form to be filled out before sharing anything with those in need. Those who give are to give freely, and with a happy heart. A lot of places have a poor attitude while they give out items, and those receiving it see this.

One of the coolest sights of this storm had to be Farmville's "bicycle guy" out riding around on the snowy and icy roads going faster and better than all of the cars. That guy was having blast, getting exercise, enjoying the beauty of this weather, while smiling and waving to everyone. He's my inspirational hero to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

BYH to the BYHer whose wife fixed Christmas dinner in loaned microwave.

BYH to President Trump. A great man. I agree 100 percent that countries who will not stand with us on issues, and back us up are countries that can not be trust with our friendships. I agree that all funds should be completely cut off from the nations like this, and save our funds for our friends (nations).

BYH to those still defending Trump, saying that there is no 'proof' that he colluded with Russia. So I guess it's okay that for a year he told us that neither him nor anyone in his campaign had any Russian contact, then it turned out nearly everyone in his campaign either had secret meetings and lied about them, or 'forgot' conveniently. Jeez, how many lies can you people absorb before you get suspicious?

BYH to local businesses that have a 60 percent or more off their products and then somebody wants to use his time to steal from them? It is just stupid to steal anything.

No BYH to the city and county road crews for their response to the snow. I traveled all over the city and county, starting at 5:30 a.m., and every snow plow truck I saw had the plow blades raised, not removing any snow. I am sure on tonight’s news, some representative will be talking about all the work that was done, but we deserve better. At 4 p.m. Firetower Road between 14th and Portertown had not been touched.

Marijuana is a gateway drug. The gateway to better music, better tasting food, and better sleep.

Bless your heart, Greenville TV and Appliances You sure helped this old man when you came and replaced the bulb in my microwave and you only charged me for the bulb. I’ve enjoyed very much the last many decades of your good service and i thank you very much for your kindness Thank you very much.

BYH, when I hear this guy saying he wants an 'infrastructure' bill, what I hear is let's build toll roads, toll roads, toll roads! (And use some of my companies to build them).

Bless your heart, Debbie. You know what you did.

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