Stop printing EBT cards and illegal immigration ceases to exist. Global warming would take a hit too....

Jan. 9 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, January 9, 2018

BYH to all of you Trump haters. Give the man some credit. He's been in office a little less than a year and based on the recent weather he's already solved global warming.

BYH AMC Fire Tower 12. Went to your theater and lines were long at the kiosk and concessions because people were wasting time deciding on their "assigned seats" when the theater isn't even 25 percent full. Where do you think you are? LA? NYC? Assigned seating is a waste of time in a small town like Greenville. Thank you Regal for not offering a gimmick like assigned seating.

BYH to those who are suppose to keep the roads cleared during and after snows. You did a failing grade this time. I went out Friday and the roads were terrible. The roads were left for chance. They left us with dangerous roads. I never saw one piece of machinery or trucks out attempting to clear roadways. Why do I pay taxes? You need to do better.

BYH to all of you who receive a disability check and do not deserve it. Many who get a check are as healthy as can be except being lazy and wanting a free handout. It is time our government checks each case, eliminates those who are not really disabled and stops giving out free money to lazy, undeserving people. Go to work!

Bless your heart, Greenville TV and Appliance. You sure helped this old man when you came and replaced the bulb in my microwave and only charged me for the bulb. I’ve enjoyed very much the last many decades of your good service and thank you very much for your kindness.

Bless you heart ECU. Everything in Greenville is closed, the governor is saying stay off the roads, but you ignore that and open at noon on Friday.

A BYH for anyone getting out in this weather to work. When the weathermen say stay inside until it melts, they mean it. Big bosses need to listen to them and take that into consideration when playing with people’s lives. I bet they stay home.

BYH if you’re a young woman and don’t want to be a #MeToo. Dressing for success does not call for plunges to your navel and slits to your privates. You want respect and hands off? Dress with some class. You can still be attractive without giving away the store. Oh, and by the way, this is sent in by a woman.

Infrastructure? The government wants more money for infrastructure? We gave Obama and his Democratic Congress a trillion dollar stimulus for infrastructure. We got nothing for that. Where's that money?

BYH to the Democrats. Almost every working stiff in the country has a 401(k) and with the Dow Jones Industrial passing $25k, it means a big jump in their retirement funds. Let's face it, the Democrats have nothing to offer but fewer jobs, lower wages and higher taxes.

From George Washington to Donald Trump. Just let that sink in. Bless your heart.

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