No BYH to today's BYH stating you didn't vote because there was no one to vote for, well, there sure was someone to...

Jan. 10 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

If NCDOT is putting 1,200 tons of salt and brine onto the roadways just to help ice that Mother Nature will melt in a day or two naturally when it warms up — is that a wise use of our tax dollars? What damage will that much salt do to our rivers, fish and water quality? It seems like an awful lot of environmental damage is being overlooked, Bless NCDOT's heart.

They say there will be a lot of babies born due to families being cooped up due to the snow and ice. I say there will be more divorces than babies. I never really understood how irritating my fat and idle trophy husband could be. I did not marry him to cook, clean and have meaningful conversations. Sign me, "He ain't much to look at either."

No bless your heart to the writer complaining about the penned dog on Frog Level Road. Why didn't you contact someone in a position to help the dog rather than waste time, making sure the dog suffered longer, writing BYH? Speak for those who have no voice!

Bless your heart, PJ, you are falling right into the same behavior of most politicians. If you don't know anything about a topic, just don't say anything! How many power outages have you had? I would challenge you to find another city with a better utility organization.

A big BYH to the wonderful gentleman who found a gift card that I lost in the parking lot. He went to three stores before finding the correct one and then turned it in! In the spirit of seasonal love, I thank you for this kindness. May your new year be filled with only good things!

I love President Trump's plans to open up offshore drilling along our coast. Think of the jobs it would create. It would make America great again. We need to use what nature has provided us.

BYH to the ECU crew who cleaned up campus streets and sidewalks so quickly. You're awesome! Greenville City crews worked hard too and did a good job. Maybe Pitt County can hire them as consultants to learn how to plow a street or at least throw some sand or salt.

BYH for those who haven't read the Trump tell-all book. What you are really reading is a story about Bannon and his ideas that amount to a run for president in 2020.

BYH to Reflector carriers Terry and Shona Hemby. Our paper was in the yard on time every day during this extreme weather. Well above expectations!

At the risk of seeming insensitive, we don't need a border wall. Anyone who has watched the TV program "Colony" knows how effective armed drones can be. Rather than spend billions on a wall hundreds of miles long, simply patrol the area with drones. As a bonus, this option will also eliminate any recidivism.

If Pitt County is to grow, we should ban all beer except that made locally.

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