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Jan. 11 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, January 11, 2018

BYH NCAA Football Championship game. That was the worst excuse for a half-time show I have suffered through. With the billions of dollars you have is that the best you can come up with?

If the city codes require home and business owners to shovel the sidewalks in front of their property within 24 hours or so of a storm, then why aren't more businesses or property owners fined for not doing so? Failure to clear these walkways makes everything more dangerous for everyone. Get a shovel and do your duty or be fined, BYH.

Wonder how many private snow removal consultants will be lining up outside the City Council and county commission meetings looking for their piece of the money pie

BYH to our children and their parents. There are some great scenes in the new Jumanji movie with funny adult humor. Problem is, it’s a children’s movie. Movie makers should be more cognizant of their audience.

With over a quarter of a million dollars raised in the first month of business for our schools, the red light cameras are a great investment. Hopefully more intersections will get cameras, too. It would be even better if the police would enforce the laws and enforce criminal charges, as well, as a way to keep our roads safer and reduce our insurance rates.

Poor officiating gives 'Bama their first touchdown. Ghost call on the blocked punt, then a no-call on a facemask grab. Hate it when officials try to even things up.

BYH to those still so desperately defending Trump, citing how well the stock market is doing. It’s called inflating the bubble with all that cash back that will only put us a trillion and a half more in debt. But bubbles burst, so if he deserves credit then he will also deserve blame, and don't forget how he bragged how much he made on the last crash, buying up assets for pennies on the dollar.

I don't know whose heart to bless after reading the profanity-filled comment left by a "parent" on the county schools’ Facebook page. I hope you didn't get that mouth from your parents, and I pray it's not passed down to your children. I applaud the county's decisions during the recent winter storm, and I thank them for trying to keep everyone safe. One more question for that parent, what church do you belong to?

BYH Mayor Connelly and new councilpersons Meyerhoeffer, Bell and Litchfield. You opposed city staff being able to work on solutions to the saturation of student housing indicated by a recent study. Are you primarily supporting the developers and real estate people who helped get you elected over primarily making decisions for the good of all the city?

BYH fast food lovers who are willing to block traffic to sit in a drive-through line that is not moving instead of parking and going in. Don't hold people up just so you can get your chicken nuggets.

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