BYH, overheard Barack saying to Don the Con: 'A copy of my birth certificate is stapled to your indictment'....

Jan. 16 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bless my neighbors' hearts for installing my new mail box after the other one was destroyed by a car on New Year’s Eve. Good neighbors are hard to find these days. Thank you for being the best!

BYH to the president for his description of certain countries. That's exactly what they are! Why, in anyone's dreams would we want people from those countries to come here? Just what we need, more taxi drivers, 7/11 clerks, welfare recipients and, of course, Democratic voters. Years ago we had a program that encouraged people from other countries with technical degrees to come here and many did. What happened to that program? Oh yeah, the Democrats canceled it!

As an 88-year-old great-grandfather, Korean Marine Corps veteran and 50-year educator, I am pleased to say that my family and friends, have never and will never hear me resort to gutter language. Enough said! Blessings.

Bless his heart, Trump is such an outsider that he exists outside of reality.

BMH and ears. Was at lunch today at a local fast food chicken restaurant, seated between two tables of early 20-something-age girls. Conversations were loud and "like," so annoying, with every sentence filled with this "valley girl" vocabulary. Please learn some more professional grammar, "like" soon!

Bless Your Heart to the new furniture in the waiting room at Urgent Care on Arlington. Did the powers that be who chose the new chairs ever sit in them? Oh my goodness! Five minutes sitting in the new chairs is extremely uncomfortable. Having to be seated longer will not be a pleasant time. 

A special BYH for the cat owner who knowingly exposed her cat to an urban environment fraught with many dangers. What was she thinking?

Bless his heart, Christ said, “Think ye that I came to bring peace? Nay, division.” He must be back already; there sure is plenty of division. I think the division is between those who live in his teachings, and those who betray them.

BMH, please tell me there will not be Direct TV, Fox News and tankless water heaters in heaven.

Bless my heart for not being able to reconcile what a big deal about gender reveal parties are and how we are not supposed to make a big deal about somebody's gender.

I asked my doctor how I could avoid the flu. "Don't go out of the house." And what if my wife goes out? "Don't let her back in." The man is a genius.

I am disappointed in some of my BYH contributors. Leave the Imperial deal to the Backroom Boys. They have hammered out a deal that will benefit them now and you maybe in a 1,000 years. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. The common folk need not ask questions above their station in life. You should be ashamed!

BYH, be the love you want to see in the world.

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