BYH, overheard Barack saying to Don the Con: 'A copy of my birth certificate is stapled to your indictment'....

Jan. 18 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Here we snow again ... let's see who cares enough about their customers, employees and fellow citizens enough to be bothered to shovel their walkways and sidewalks. Any business that doesn't clearly doesn't want any future business.

BYH, take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

BYH to the former marine who never said the “s” word. As a former marine myself, I can say that in my 20 years of service I never knew a single marine who hadn't used the “s” word several times a day.

The BYH comments seem to say that if we get rid of President Trump and install some bicycle racks then things will be fine. I say that anyone who rides a bicycle in Greenville traffic is not too smart and therefore not an authority on politics.

BYH to quotes: “Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15th.” Ah, caught ya. Made you smile!

BYH to the City of Greenville: the mayor and council decry businesses not moving to the city. Yet, a kayak and paddle business is the ideal solution to making the city a fun place to live and put our riverfront to good use. BYH ... if only the city leadership could get out of its own way, things might get done.

BYH, God made you perfectly the way you are.

BYH to the liberal media of our country. You have turned news reporting into a daily spectacle of political, meaningless trash. Everyday I hear that the president used a vulgar word. Watching the news is like watching elementary school children tattle on one another.

BYH to the writer who reduced immigrants from Africa and Haiti to cab drivers, 7/11 clerks and welfare recipients. I would be willing to bet the writer has hardly been out of Pitt County.

BYH East Carolina Propane Gas of Greenville. Your winter delivery policy is hypothermia for preservation of seniors. When you deliver on the first day of spring, bring cans of Febreeze. I may be a tad odoriferous.

New pizza parlor, ABC store to open in Rocky Mount. Who in Greenville cares?

BYH to Bethel town commissioners. You all have make some bad decisions lately. I guess you don't care.

Bless your uncomfortable heart to the person saying the new furniture at an urgent care on Arlington had uncomfortable chairs. When someone is sick, they feel miserable. They are not going to feel comfortable even in an expensive La-Z-Boy recliner. These new chairs can be wiped down to rid the chairs of germs, unlike cloth chairs. I appreciate this. You should too. Hope you are feeling better.

BYH to my ECU professor who showed us the BYH page today in class, giving me entertainment and a source of procrastination for the rest of the semester.

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