BYH: To the Confederates of the civil war. Today if they were in power there would be no race problems, or issues today....

Jan. 20 Bless Your Heart


Friday, January 19, 2018

Bless Your Heart to the gentleman who found my bank envelope that I dropped in a parking lot last week. He took it to the bank and they traced it back to me by the receipt I had left inside. All the money was still there. I cannot thank him enough for what he did. It meant a lot to me and brought tears to my eyes. He is truly an angel. May God bless him.

BYH to Democrats: Stop being crybabies, and do your jobs. Your job is to work with Republicans to keep our country running. You were voted in and can be voted out. If we have a shutdown, Demos, it will be your fault. Go home if you cannot do your jobs.

BYH eastern N.C. It's time to recognize that global warming is here. Let's put on our "big boy" pants and learn how to drive the Brook Valley cut through in wintry conditions. Shutting down the city for every snow threat is laughable in the North. (Did I miss offending anyone?)

Raise the GUC gas rates a little more and build a water park out at the new complex. And maybe a GUC Theme Park like Six Flags or something. People would drive for miles to see our new complex. Maybe add a UrgentCare.

BYH to the old people who think young adults know nothing and can't provide valuable contributions. At least the younger ones can use a computer.

BYH, Mr. Trump. You were not healthy enough to join the military and fight for the country you claim to love so much, but you are the picture of health at seventy? Guess bone spurs will keep you out of Vietnam, but not off the golf course.

BYH to Pirate Radio. Here you go again being clueless about ECU. You are now knocking the university for buying the new home for the chancellor. Try doing a little homework before opening your big mouths.

With the chancellor moving to Star Hill Farms, isn't it about time we address the need to move the entire ECU campus? Let us be bold and move into the county where the college can spread itself out. Build a new campus with a master plan for the future. Change the name of the college to Star Hill College. Our new motto, "No shirt, no shoes, no service."

BYH to the servers at Olive Garden in Greenville. Some of you guys are the best servers I have ever had.

Bless my heart, I feel more like I do right now than ever before in my life!

BYH to our anti-business Rec & Parks Department! How dare you shut down the local kayak vendors! Shame!

I can be a mean and hateful person at times. and I am trying to do better. But when I go to bed at night. I always say a prayer for those that make me this way. I guess this is a good step for making me a better person.

BYH, give yourself a treat. Go to the online BYH section and read back for as long as you have time for. What a wonderful way to kill a lazy afternoon.

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