BYH, offering someone something temporary for something permanent isn't a proposal, it's a con. Offering someone...

Jan. 21 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Now that we all see what the ECU Foundation does with unrestricted funds from donations, this alumnus will choose not to donate for free housing for the one percent nor for higher and higher salaries for the football coach. Previously the U in ECU's old name stood for University; now it stands for nothing, just like my contribution to a $1.3 million dollar party place, Bless their hearts.

BYH, maybe this is Pirate heresy, but the Dail House is ugly as sin.

BYH, I am waiting for warm weather and the Pirate pool party at Star Hill Farms!

BYH Greenville city government. How is delivering kayaks to the town commons any different than delivering a pizza there. Aren't you interfering with this young womans right to conduct business?

BYH, that is rich. I literally just heard on the news one of our elected leaders say, “The country was founded by geniuses, but it's run by idiots.” So true.

BYH, want to get DACA off the table? Pass the bill. Just stipulate they can’t vote and the Dems will drop it like a hot potato.

Just got back from Chicago where it was colder and snowier then here. Lots more traffic and a lot less space but somehow they made bikes, cars, pedestrians, buses and trucks share the same roads with little to no difficulty. With far less traffic, more space, better weather, and nicer people — why can't we seem to share the roads here and build them to fit people who walk, ride, and/or drive?

BYH, in 1998 we were told that we would have flying cars within 30 years. But here in 2018 we literally have to tell people not to eat Tide pods.

Bless your heart to those building the 10th Street connector. Did they run out of money? Seems like it has been months since any progress has been made. Open it up already!!

Bless the Heart of the Pitt County ABC Board. Their sign in the window says "Please Remove Hoods Before Entering Store.” Not only does that take up another 30 minutes of my time to remove and reinstall my hood, but I have to bring another person with me to help! Guess I'll start riding my motorcycle to get my booze.

One BYH contributor said that the college professor showed the class the BYH Column. Reminds me of the local lad who went to Harvard. “What are you studying?” He replied, “Nothing, they're studying me.”

BYH Julissa, a six-year-old Greenville native recently diagnosed with a rare and fatal disease. On Facebook search Julissa's Journey with Batten's disease. Like, Share, Learn. Thank you, Papa.

BYH, walk according to the Spirit, because the Spirit of God dwells in you. (Romans 8:4,9) Fight the good fight of faith and remember that you don't take anything with you but your soul. (1 Timothy 6:12,7)

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