A no BYH to the neighbor constantly burning. You got me sick. So I’m sending you the dr bill....

Jan. 23 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bless our hearts, there should be a Constitutional amendment that if our government shuts down, the president, senators and representatives don't get paid. Same with passing the budget. That would solve that.

Bless your heart to those people illegally in this country. I believe that you should be given all the rights, priviliges and benefits that your home country grants to people who are there illegally.

I think being the college chancellor would be a good job if not for the students. Same thing with church. Churches are great places except for the people. That is why online colleges and online churches are growing in popularity.

BYH all the schools in Pitt County. You “early dismissed’ school again. Out at noon, not a snowflake in sight until 6 p.m., no accumulation until when? The only “snowflakes” are in the offices.

BYH to the chancellor's new home in Star Hill Farms at $ 1.3 million. Is that the same property on OPIS with a current value of $931,932?

Bless your heart to the staff that sit at the front desk of my family doctor’s office. Those ladies have got to be freezing as the doors open and the cold winter flows in the room. At my last visit I watched the winter attire they wore as they registered in others. Coats, scarfs, tobggans and gloves. Bless their hearts!

Bless the heart of the person trying to protect ECU from the horrors of the Blake Shelton concert cancellation. Class action lawsuit, include both the University and the entertainment company. ECU is certainly responsible for making sure it deals with a promoter that treats people right. Not refunding for the show was a gross error in judgment and those who purchased tickets should be reimbursed by the responsible parties, usually the one with the deepest pockets.

BYH to ECU. Trying to raise money to expand and upgrade a stadium for a losing football program that can't fill existing seats is an uphill and ill-timed battle. How about giving fans a team worth watching and focusing on the facility when the program has shown it merits the investment?

BYH to the staff of Bojangles’ in Snow Hill. I accidentally left my purse under the table on a recent visit. When I returned the dining room hostess had turned it in to management. The purse and all the contents had been locked up and awaiting my return. Yes, there are honest people left in our mixed-up world. God bless each of the staff at lunch on January 16.

Bless our hearts, if we were truly free, we would not be begging our government to allow us to use a plant.

BYH, store up your riches which are in heaven, not hoard your wealth while here on Earth. That's what the man said.

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