BYH, offering someone something temporary for something permanent isn't a proposal, it's a con. Offering someone...

Feb. 5 Bless Your Heart


Monday, February 5, 2018

Curses to the right wing media machine for putting forth such an obvious dishonest narrative, and prayers for those who believe them.

BTH of the whiners complaining about their Greenville Utilities bill. GUC did not raise the rate per kilowatt hour or therm; you used more of them! I for one am grateful to the hardworking folks at GUC who managed to keep my heat and lights on despite record-breaking demand for electricity and gas.

BYH to all those who stood at the Super Bowl and to the Reflector for its obviously liberal biased reporting. You disgrace us all when we can no longer look to the news for impartial and unbiased reporting.

BYH to the person who took a bath in cologne/perfume at Texas roadhouse today. I did not enjoy my meal because that odor bothered my sinuses. That is over excessive with the fragrance.

BYH to the Democrats, DNC, Clinton and the Obama administration. Yes, there was collusion and meddling in the 2016 election by Russia. However, it wasn’t the Trump’s team. Liars and Trump haters from the leadership of the FBI, DOJ and Obama’s clowns. All I can say is Russia, Russia, Russia.

A Big BYH to ECU. I support the buying the chancellor’s home in Star Hill. It’s time ECU join the big league and stop acting like a second-class university.

BYH, Harry Smith Jr. It appears that you are the one that truly understands that we feel that the chancellor’s house needs to be close to campus. And yes, there are places on campus to entertain. On the statement of the kitchen being too small for entertaining, isn’t catering brought in anyway?

BYH offended TRUNA residents. Perhaps your group would not be so offended all the time if you decided to ever venture out of your safe-space for once. I promise you, reality is not as scary as it seems.

BYH to the railroads. Nothing worse than two trains colliding on the same track. You can officially say that their is at least one idiot involved somewhere.

A young person asked me the other day, "Don't you worry about all that money you owe the bank?" I replied, "Of course not. They are the ones getting the interest so let them worry whether or not I will pay them back."

Party politics is tribalism. BYH, I long for the day when we can have and elect viable candidates that are unaffiliated. The last one that stood a chance was Ross Perot. We need someone not dogmatically locked into a party line.

BYH to couponers. You keep your coupon books organized, keep your coupons organized as well when you get to the cashier. It could make your life and the cashier’s life as well as the customers behind you in line happy.

Bless our hearts here in ENC and all of NC. When will the state have legal cannabis? Will we have it ever? That is the question.

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