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Feb. 9 Bless Your Heart


Friday, February 9, 2018

I have some rather sad news to share. I had planned to have a pool filled with cash similar to Scrooge McDuck’s. The recent drop in the Dow will allow me to have only a wading pool with small bills and change.

The BYH writer on Wednesday said Pitt County and Greenville recycling were both not at the Unnatural Resources Fair. Pitt County was there with a big landfill demonstration and a contest, as well as financial help. Greenville couldn’t have a booth because they didn’t have three days’ worth of volunteers to man it due to other commitments. This is the first year they haven’t been there for 25 years. They both are our biggest fans. 

Bless our hearts, I am calling out the Tightwad Tipper for much needed Valentine's Day gifting advice. Hear our pleas!

BYH builders. Please change some of your plans for student housing to senior citizen housing. As a widow, I have been looking and know it is very difficult to find.

Riddle me this: If traffic research is clear that being hit by a car going more than 25 miles per hour is far more deadly than one going 20 mph, why are our school speed zone limits set so high? Watch the speed limit radar sign some day in front of Rose High School and you'll see how drivers are speeding above 25 mph anyway, risking children's lives just so they can wait longer at the next red light, Bless their racing, speeding hearts!

Sports Illustrated has shocked the world with their swimsuit issue. But why do we need swimsuits anymore if we are one gender? The men are now effeminate and the women dip snuff.

Going by the online jail bookings it looks like there are more felons carrying guns than drunk drivers. I do not know which is worse.

Bless the heart of those who don't realize your lights are out on your vehicle. When it rains you should have your lights on, and the white lines in the road are there for a reason. Stop behind the white line, not past it.

BYH to people who don't know the difference between old and historic. I have seen nothing to show that there is anything historic about the old houses surrounding the chancellor's home. If any ECU faculty are interested, they should make an offer, hire a contractor and do their own remodel.

BYH to five-year-old Summer and her grandmother at Cracker Barrel for giving me a cross and some magnets with prayers on them and for wishing me well on my scheduled risky surgery the next day. Their coming up to me, a complete stranger, and just talking to me about how they were going to think about me and wish me well had such a big uplift on my life. I thank them and Debbie, a good friend and a server at CB, and all my friends and relatives for their support and prayers.

BYH, as the kids are saying, “stay woke.”

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