BYH, offering someone something temporary for something permanent isn't a proposal, it's a con. Offering someone...

Feb. 10 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, February 10, 2018

BYH to Vidant doctors and residents. Why would one work so hard and go through your school’s “white coat ceremony” only to wear a North Face jacket around the hospital! I also saw one taking care of a family member in their green scrubs in the grocery store. So unprofessional!

BYH to the Congressional Democrats, do you really place “illegal aliens” above American citizens?

BYH to the person wanting to know what conservatives conserve. Money? Well, yes, we don't like the waste of money or any resource. We wish to conserve personal liberty and our constitutional rights. To paraphrase Superman, we want to conserve/protect "truth, justice and the American way.” BTW, I am not a Republican. I am a Conservative.

Bless my heart, just to blow a few minutes and for some comic relief, I tuned in to Faux News, and lo and behold, they are still talking about Hillary Clinton! They are absolutely fixated! She is not president. We have real problems, folks, and evidently one of our problems is that people still give credence to Trump TV!

Bless Your Heart to The Donald, who wants a huge military parade, circa Germany 1930s. If there are troops with bone spurs, can they get a deferment from participating?

There's an afternoon radio program with Ms. Giggles as a host. Is the giggle all you have to offer? I don't remember anything else you offered the program.

BYH to everybody that drives low/small cars. The potholes are killing me in a full-size truck with an air suspension.

BYH to those candidates running for office who are the puppet of the "so-called" influential and good old boys network. You say that you are running to make things better when, in fact, you just do someone else's bidding.

"Shop Local" is a very nice slogan unless you are a local government, then it's shop Asheville, West Jefferson, Massachusetts, anywhere but local. Pitt County unemployment is up, wonder why?

A great big thank you goes out to the Farmville library's volunteer bicycle mechanics. Your free clinic resulted in my child's bike working much better and safer. She has taken to it and can hardly stop riding. Thanks for doing this and having tools in the library for anyone to use.

BYH to people who do not know the proper etiquette for a sneeze or cough. You are suppose to preferably cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow. Handkerchiefs and Kleenex work good too! That way you keep your germs to yourself and also you don not get anymore by inhaling germs in!

BYH, before you ask God for what you want, thank God for what you have.

BYH to man's best friend and a neighbor’s worse enemy. Please, people, keep em' quiet and in your own yard.

BYH, reach for your bliss. May you find it.

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