No BYH to Trump voters, you elected a bulldozer to our norms, institutions and very stability. and whatever happens...

Feb. 11 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bless the heart of the joggers running down Fire Tower Road in the dark and in the rain and wearing, of all things, dark clothing. If you don't think anything of your life, how about thinking of those of us who would feel terrible after running over a jogger?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You would have thought that the huge Bush tax cuts that resulted in huge budget-busting deficits and the economic crash of 2008 would make us gun-shy, but still they just added a trillion and a half to our debt with the Trump tax cuts. Prepare for a bumpy ride. Bless our hearts.

Here's a little love from Triple-T: If your girl ain't tippin', she must be trippin'. If your woman ain't payin', then you ain't playin'. If your squeeze ain't springin', she best not be clingin'. But if your old lady is putting down plastic, keep her cuz she's fantastic! Not so sincerely, The Tightwad Tipper.

Will construction destroy the daffodils at Old Tar Road and Jack Jones Road?

When even the local cycling club, ECVelo, has questions about Greenville's readiness for hundreds of LimeBikes flooding the streets and sidewalks, why are ECU and Greenville agreeing to do this? Just look at the bike litter of these LimeBikes in Dallas, and you'll see why without more bike racks, lanes, “keep off the sidewalk” signs and enforcement of the laws, Greenville is not mature enough as a city to ever become bike-friendly, bless its crowded, car-driven heart.

BYH to the man driving the Beetle convertible in Greenville on Wednesday. I pulled up beside you, and your smile and singing made me feel good. Thanks for spreading some joy!

Bless Your Heart to the Boy Scout door hanger notice for food collection. We have received them for years, put food on the front porch and it has never been picked up. We will try again this year. There should be a way to communicate that the pick- up was missed.

BYH to all those text-and-drive people like the one ahead of me on the bypass this morning. The young man wasn’t even trying to hide the fact he was texting since he was holding the phone up where anyone could see it and he was all over the road. GPD, where are you and why do I see so many texting and driving!

While reading about Landon Minges’ recognition as Pitt County Firefighter of the Year, I was doubly pleased to read that the Eastern Pines President was Bob Milam. As a young banker a few years ago, he was a tremendous help to a newly widowed woman. During our conversation then he told me he was a volunteer with Eastern Pines. How nice to know that he is still in our area.

BYH, let it hurt. Let it bleed. Let it heal. Let it go.

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