BYH: To the Confederates of the civil war. Today if they were in power there would be no race problems, or issues today....

Feb. 14 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This Valentine’s Day I will be married 68 years to the most wonderful woman there is. We still love each other. P.S. She took “’til death to us part” real serious.

BYH to those who take in strays off the street and into your homes and hearts. You truly do God's work. I have seven, including two mother cats and one son each. Never intended to have any, but I don't know what I'd do without any one of them.

As a businessman, Trump made a practice of leveraging debt, and because of his many bankruptcies, he found it harder and harder to find banks to lend him money. (Until Russia?) Now he is using the same debt practices as he “leads” America; his budget increases Obama's last budget deficit by 150 percent. Where is the outrage by the Tea Party deficit hawks now? “Bless” their hypocritical little hearts.

I will support gun control when you support doing something to all those felons who are charged time and time again for carrying a gun. You are worried about my guns locked in the gun safe in the attic, but do not seem to be worried about the felon walking down the street carrying a gun. I think he or she is the clear and present danger.

BYH to all of the new road construction projects. We'll spend billions building ya, but don't start to think that we will spend a penny fixin' ya. We like new and shiny roads. Old and used can just be potholed.

BYH to the demonstrators at McDonald’s. You folks look very familiar. It appears that we have a group of local paid demonstrators that appear at every protest. Are these folks paid by the DNC, the NAACP or the union? Do any of these people actually work for McDonald’s? And a special thanks to the local media for your coverage of these events.

BYH Greenville City Council. Why should Greenville pay for parking for a private development? Does the city or county pay for parking for the shopping malls? Would the city get part of the profit from the development since the city would be an investor? Also, has anyone looked at other developments by the groups that are being considered? Their success should be part of the decision.

Take the Imperial property and build a multipurpose coliseum. It can be financed by getting the money from the Golden Leaf Foundation. After all, the Golden Leaf gave $100 million to get Spirit Aero to the Global Transpark. So give us $100 million to get our coliseum going.

Bless your heart, judge! No evidence of the traffic that your newly approved student housing will create? What evidence do you need? Just go sit out there on Charles for five minutes. Then travel over to 10th St. Stop at Sheetz and get a snack. Turn left and go sit down there. It's a real-life frogger game! Use your common sense, judge!

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