BYH to the one who thinks that we are energy independent because of this president. The initiatives you speak of began...

Feb. 15 Bless Your Heart


"If you have lost your snow goose it may be at this goose party in the Pungo Refuge," says Bob Williams. This photo was taken on Feb. 11 at Pungo National Wildlife Refuge. Williams had never seen this many geese at one time before.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

BYH, Statue of Liberty. Once you said "Give me your tired, your poor." Now it's "we'll take your energetic, your rich. The rest of you can get lost." Guess it's time to douse that torch, old lady.

Bless all of Greenville. A judge is allowing the go ahead for more student housing. Didn’t Greenville just pay for another study which concluded a saturation of student housing?

BYH DR. I wonder if you would have this as a headline if there was a play called "The Penis Monologues"? You probably won't print this because you find it offensive. Can I say double standards?

Do you think we could build an extension of the pedestrian bridge from the new $15 million parking deck on the toxic waste site known as the Imperial site? We could link it to the Pirate ship on the town common and then the taxpayers could flush their money down the $500,000 bathroom facility at the park.

BYH to gun enthusiasts and fetishists, just remember that Christ taught “Those who take the sword shall perish by the sword,” not “That blowed up real good.”

Bless Your Heart, belatedly, to the Boy Scouts who really did pick up the bags of food this year. Keep up the good deeds and we will certainly participate in the food drive next year. The key to success was putting the bags out the night before!

If you would like to invest in the stock market while mitigating losses, there is a way to do so. Dollar Cost Averaging is making regular deposits into your brokerage account over a period of years. When the DOW is low, you will be buying more shares, and when it is up, you will purchase fewer. I would recommend an index fund.

BYH Suddenlink. Since the new foreign company has taken over, the service is worse than before and the prices are up. I think we may need to get another service for our viewing pleasure. Any suggestions?

BYH liberal media, lavishing praise on the sister of the evil dictator of North Korea. People, she handles the propaganda for her brother, she's not one of the Kardashians. Please stop!

Bless your heart to the White House, but it is rather disturbing to see how Korea (North and South) at PyeongChang have shown the world how to reach over the "aisle" and the VP will not even acknowledge the presence of the North Korean representative. Is this American diplomacy at its highest level?

BYH to all the dangerous drivers who continue to drive with their lights off when it is dark outside. Where are the police ? I see this way too often in Greenville. So dangerous.

No BYH...still no coverage of NCSU games. Saturday, not even a listing in TV coverage...even though we played UNC! Yes, I am still howling!

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