Build the wall, or end Well Fare. Either one will work for me...

Feb. 17 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, February 17, 2018

BYH to Hooker Memorial Christian Church for Ashes to Go. It was a true blessing to participate in a small, but meaningful, observance of Ash Wednesday. Continue to "think out of the box.”

Bless our hearts. Can we build a wall around our schools, churches, theaters and concert venues to keep home-grown terrorists out? They kill more Americans than anyone sneaking in illegally to join MS-13. Why doesn't anyone care to address this issue, even after witnessing tragedy after tragedy? Maybe because there is no profit in it.

BYH to the Statue of Liberty entry. Yes, it is past time to “douse that torch” and lower your arm down by your side, Lady Liberty. Until we can provide decent care/lives to the people who are here right now, we don’t need to take on anybody else to “raise” with our/my tax money. Times have changed and when those invitations were given to “the tired and the poor” they were willing to work for a living and not seek handouts.

BYH sports writers. North Carolina State University never gets the press time for wins. I realize we do not have a school of journalism. You need to realize a lot of farmers, engineers and veterinarians live in the area and subscribe to your paper.

BYH, last year Trump and his GOP signed into law measures that make it easier for the mentally ill to obtain guns. In the fight between light and dark, they sure aren't working for the light. I'm not sure they are even working for the safety of Americans. What they are working for is the gun lobby.

Why not just ban guns and when people get upset over it, just send them thoughts and prayers. If “thoughts and prayers” are good enough for grieving families who lost a child, they are good enough for people who lost their guns.

BYH Dickinson Avenue, Arlington Boulevard at Rose High School and the railroad crossings on 14th Street. My commute feels like the opening credits of Little House on the Prairie. How about paving/fixing these roads, or crediting my Greenville tax bill for a few front-end alignments?

Bless your heart to John at the BP gas station near Beaufort. A couple weeks ago he helped a lost woman, me, with directions to get back to Atlantic Beach and also put air in my car tires. Thanks again for your kindness.

BYH to Congressman Walter Jones. He tops the list of N.C. representatives receiving campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association — $56,000 and counting.

BYH all those who keep screaming about gun control and blaming the federal government, Trump, the NRA and anyone else you happen to dislike/disagree with. Realize changes can be made at the state and local level. Turn off the 24/7 idiot box, stop watching partisan cable news hacks spewing opinion, not facts. Call your local representatives.

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