BYH to the one who thinks that we are energy independent because of this president. The initiatives you speak of began...

Feb. 18 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, February 18, 2018

BYH to the Ashes-to-Go folks. It kind of gives new meaning to the term “Holy Roller.”

Pitt County Schools is on notice. The latest shooting should be the impetus for them to make absolutely sure our schools are safe havens for our children. Spend the money required to do what's necessary to upgrade every school's security. Bless the heart of that red light camera money!

BYH FBI. You had the shooter on Facebook planning to become a great school shooter and you could not find him. How can the FBI not find someone who uses Facebook? Trump is right; the FBI is corrupt and worthless!

BYH. I am a widow and live alone. Is there a community program where seniors are called or checked on frequently? I am sure there are many seniors in my situation.

BYH, students in jail bookings on Sunday, back in the classroom on Mondays!

BYH to the media and Trump haters. Remember when Hillary, to defend the Clintons’ bad behavior, said there was a “right wing conspiracy?” Well, it’s looking more and more like a real conspiracy against Trump from Day 1. The hypocrisy of the left and media (they are one and the same) knows no bounds.

Bless our hearts, most of us profess to be Christians. How deep into the muck will we sink with this guy?

BYH ACLU and other lawyers. Because of you, people such as the shooter in Florida, who show all the signs of trouble, are not put under surveillance. He was expelled for disciplinary reasons from the school and was a loner with many thinking he was a problem. Hurt feelings are much better than dead children!

No BYH to Suddenlink. They increased my bill by 20 dollars last month. On the same bill they wrote that "You are still enjoying significant savings." Don't know what bizarro land they reside in, but for the crappy channel selection its not worth it anymore. Will be cutting the cord.

A bless your heart to all the liberal, left-leaning people out there who don’t seem capable of any common sense. First, drugs are illegal, and so is drinking and driving. How is that working for you? Guns no more kill people than pens have written Shalespeare’s plays. There is a much more disastrous thing going on with society. There is something very wrong in our culture and it isn’t guns.

Bless our hearts. If there are 130 political appointees in the White House who have not passed security clearance, how many are throughout the government in the agencies and in the bureaus that determine whether we’re safe or not? How many of these people have not been properly vetted and cannot pass their security clearances? I want to know that.

Why doesn't McDonald's sell a Chicken McNugget Sandwich?

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