A no BYH to the neighbor constantly burning. You got me sick. So I’m sending you the dr bill....

Feb. 20 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I enjoyed all the smiles from the Scene Around photos of the Bridal Expo. But if you want to see some real smiles, hang around outside the divorce court and snap those happy faces who have at long last achieved freedom.

"If they ban guns, they will find another way." Then let them find another way. Let them hurl butter knives or stones. Make the killers get creative. Because I'm tired of making it so easy for them. Bless your heart.

BYH Greenville Police Department. I left home at 6:30 a.m. and returned home 12 hours later. I traveled from one side of town to the other seven times. I never saw a police car. Where is our police presence?

BYH Pitt County Schools. Here is a project for a carpentry class: replace the glass panels in doors with solid wood and insert a dual magnified peep hole. Get a passing grade and a no-brainer!

BYH, a record 24 Republican representatives have decided not to seek re-election, and another five won't be running because they are seeking higher office. Only 24 more seats are needed by the Democrats to overturn the majority, then ready the impeachment papers!

BYH to the movie-attending whiners.You are upset because of something beyond anyone's control. An alarm malfunctioned. Get over it. Take your pass and watch another showing. Some people complain about everything.

Bless your heart to all those who don't remember that Columbine happened during Clinton's presidency almost 20 years ago and Sandy Hook occurred during Obama's presidency. Gun control discussions only occur after tragedies. Seems to me that both parties dealt with mentally ill and violent students in schools.

BYH to the widow living alone. Here in Pitt County there is nothing like that. I tried to find a program to volunteer with when I moved here. So sad. The last area I lived in, they would match volunteers up with seniors, and we visited at least weekly.

BYH: As the last word on drive-thru “ashes,” please incorporate a confessional, “Toot and Tell.”

BYH PGA golfers who wear beards. Now if you will wear Bermuda shorts, I will have another reason for not watching.

I went to the ECU Pirate basketball game and saw gray-colored uniforms. I did not know they had changed the school colors?

The Oscars are coming on TV soon. I am urging anyone that voted for Donald Trump to not watch. These actors and actresses hate the voters as well as Donald Trump. The show is not more than a Trump-bashing. It is time for people to show them though ratings that no one respects their hate-filled message.

A person's wealth and station in life is determined by luck. I have noticed that individuals who persevere and work the hardest almost always have the best luck.

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