BYH to the one who thinks that we are energy independent because of this president. The initiatives you speak of began...

Feb. 22 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Do we finally have a generation that's going to stand up to the second amendment that was written when we carried muskets? And stand up to the politicians whose pockets are lined and are robots for the NRA?

BYH — An AR15 is not an assault weapon! Please do your research before spewing your ignorance. Again, there are enough laws on the books. If only they were enforced. Legal gun ownership is not the problem. Passing more laws won't change a thing!

Has anyone else had mail delivery issues in Greenville? I mailed four letters at the same time to myself on Feb. 1 and as of Feb. 20 I have only received one of those letters. So I ask the public to respond if they are having the same problems and bless your heart for doing so.

As a skateboarder it was great to see and hear a motorist with a bike on top of his car reminding a cyclist to get off the sidewalks and to stop riding through red lights. I just wish the police would enforce the laws and get those bikes off of the sidewalks in Greenville. Bless their pedaling hearts!!

Bless his heart, so Trump spoke to Putin and said he believes Vlad when he said he had nothing to do with interfering in our elections. That would be like Bush after 9/11 saying that he talked to Bin Laden and believes him when he said he is innocent. We are living in some sort of bizarro world.

BYH to all those folks hating Trump. Who cares what girlfriends he had in the past? He was rich and powerful, and those “ladies” knew exactly what they were doing. Better than what ole Bill Clinton had going on in that Oval Office. Think about it.

Is there any place that teaches shag lessons during the day?

Bless your heart, Pitt County Schools. We have metal detectors in high schools, but do not use them except at athletic events. We have schools where guests are not required to buzz in and where IDs are not checked when signing out. In today's world this is not acceptable. School board members and PCS administrators, it's time to fix this.

Instead of McDonald’s making a Chicken McNugget Sandwich, how about having the McRib year round? Gotta love that overpowering mesquite BBQ sauce. BYH to those people who eat them.

Bless your heart to the Town of Ayden for claiming to be the first community in Pitt County to ban tobacco products in town parks. In fact, Farmville adopted an ordinance banning tobacco products in parks a few years ago with the assistance of the Pitt County Health Department.

BYH to the ECU basketball game attendee (I'm sure first time ever). I didn't know we had white in our colors, either, but the home team is always required to wear white/off-white/gray jerseys in college basketball.  — BlessBuster

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