BYH to the one saying that Democrats don't believe in America's borders. Where do they get this stuff? I've never heard...

Feb. 23 Bless Your Heart


Friday, February 23, 2018

No BYH to false quotes which abound on the internet, especially Facebook. One friend posted a “quote” by George Washington, saying a free people should be armed and disciplined and well stocked enough to fight their own government. Wrong. The real quote follows “armed and disciplined” with a uniform being requisite and makes no mention of fighting your own government. Believe nothing; do the research.

BYH — I do not understand what owners of AR-15 type weapons are protecting themselves from: squirrels, the neighbor’s dog, bears, geese, buffalo stampedes? It is time for Americans to demand change: No bump stocks, better background checks, especially for people with mental illness, no AR-15s, ban high-volume magazines, no armor-piercing bullets.

Bless Franklin Graham’s heart. If he truly loved and respected his father, he should take his father’s advice. After being badly misled by President Nixon, Rev. Billy Graham said, “Evangelists can’t be closely identified with any particular party or person. We have to stand in the middle, to preach to all the people, right and left.” He advised other spiritual leaders to take his advice and refrain from mixing politics and religion.

BYH: To all the parents who allow their kids to used for political reasons (gun control). Our kids need to be in school, learning how to be honest and positive adults. Kids should have an opinion, but not used as pawns in political matters. They will have to face the evil of politics soon enough.

BYH to BYH for being too afraid to post certain posts that may upset officials, but not afraid to post any others. Shame on you. Sometimes those officials are the ones who need to be shown for who they are.

BYH: To all those who cry constantly about school security. If you want to protect your kids in school, stop preventing armed officers, school officials, citizens (parents) from entering your schools. Kids are only safe when responsible people are armed and there to protect others. Locks, cameras, alarms do not stop active shooters. Big speeches do not stop active shooters. Only armed people stop armed shooters. Think.

BYH Greenville for the uncontrolled growth that you have permitted or even encouraged in the downtown area. More student housing brings more noise, pollution, alcohol consumption and more car congestion. Then we taxpayers have to pay more for storm water infrastructure and have fewer parking spaces even though we paid 56 million dollars already for a deck we can rarely even use. Where's the funding for all of this? Out of our pockets, BYH.

BYH ECU. When did the circus start performing at Minges? What? That was basketball? Couldn't tell from all the fumbling, stumbling and bumbling.

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