BYH to the one saying that Democrats don't believe in America's borders. Where do they get this stuff? I've never heard...

Feb. 24 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bless Your Heart to the awesome United States Postal Service staff at the ECU station! The staff there are efficient, professional, knowledgeable, and oh so very helpful. Thanks for noticing my zip code typo!

BYH to the Planing and Zoning Commission of Greenville that continues to be spineless, allowing special-use permits (when not needed except to pacify builders). What happened to the Horizons plan that has become nothing but a joke because the committees gives special-permits to override wishes of the citizens? So sad, and now more housing for temporary folks in our city which adds more stress on our poor infrastructure roads.

Bless students’ and teachers’ hearts at the school where the resource officers’ office is located at the back with automotive and carpentry!

BYH Donald Trump. In North Carolina we have low teacher salaries, but you want to fund armed personnel in our schools. And you ban bump stocks, but that wouldn't have helped in Florida! What planet do you live on? I may need to get off it.

BYH to all to all the widows who needs someone to check on them. The sheriff's department has a service that calls seniors. Check with the sheriff's department.

BYH GUC for trying to get a discount on natural gas for the next 30 years. Guess your critics don't really want to save money.

BYH to the people in "The Jungle" with megaphones. Does it make you feel like a big man to constantly berate and say stupid things to players on the opposing baseball team? You sound pathetic. Our team is good enough without the annoying stabs at the players. Hope you feel real good about yourself. Maybe someday someone will do the same to your kid. Remember, these aren't pros. They're just kids.

As an African American, what I found so fascinating about the movie Black Panther is the direct and accurate influence of the female African warriors. I could easily look at the movie and then research the history of the Dahomey female warriors and see a direct connection. For the first time I saw my ancestors as more than just slaves; I saw them and myself as organized, disciplined conquerors!

Why oh why does it take so many years to build our greenway system over to the V.A. Center off Fifth Street? It seems that connecting the Town Commons to the hospital complex has to be one of the slowest-moving things this city has talked and talked about, but has yet to do much about, bless its slow heart.

BYH, just in case you missed the news recently, here is a synopsis: Me too. Time's up. “I call BS.” Mueller probe. Money laundering. Obstruction of justice. Collusion. Russian interference. Blue wave coming. NRA is a nefarious organization. What price liberty?

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