BYH to the one who thinks that we are energy independent because of this president. The initiatives you speak of began...

Feb. 26 Bless Your Heart


Monday, February 26, 2018

BYH to all the misguided anger towards the NRA. If people are angry, and they have the right to be, they need to direct it toward the institutions that failed them. The Broward County Sheriff’s Department deputies who didn’t enter the school and waited outside, the FBI and the school officials that didn’t act. The NRA and its members are for responsible gun handling and had nothing to do with this tragedy.

Bless our hearts. Five million Americans belong to the NRA and 318 million Americans do not. Why do we allow this group to determine the public gun policy of the country? Their insane policy of all guns, all the time, is making all of us less safe. Enough!

No BTH to the mail box vandals.

BYH NRA. How many years were our schools unprotected, with no metal detectors, no armed teachers and no resource officers? What's changed? The proliferation of guns.

BYH, wait until Trump decides to launch against North Korea, then you will see what a mistake it was to let Russia install someone who avoided service at all costs but is more than willing to send your sons to combat to prove how “strong” we are. This won't be like Bush's Iraq war, there will be real consequences and sacrifices, especially if he lets nukes fly.

While I personally don't care which town was first in Pitt County to ban smoking in town parks, I am glad that Farmville, Ayden and Winterville have all done so. Our lungs are all better off for it. What I'd like to know is why Bethel, Greenville, Fountain, Falkland, Simpson and others have yet to support healthier living by banning smoking at the parks. I understand why ECU refuses to make their campus healthier for their students, staff, and visitors — they have to get donations to buy their administrators party houses — but more towns could take a stand to reduce our high cancer rates.

Dear business world, end ties with the NRA and I end ties with you. Can you spell "boycott" boys and girls?

BYH. If you are going to use a photo of yourself when you run for a political office, please use a current one and not one from years gone by.

No bless your heart at some of Pitt County judges. I was surprised by their attitude in some courts. I recently for a school project and I was a little take aback by the snarly remarks. Maybe that's the norm.

Another mental health problem in schools, and yes it could happen here just as easily as Florida. Just look and see how many thousands of students each school social worker and school psychologist has to cover. Instead of adequate staffing levels, our school board wants to fund cameras. Sad, so very sad, BYH

BYH teachers. Good luck with your handgun against an assault rifle.

BYH to the baseball coaches who play politics. You are the real MVP!

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