BYH to the one saying that Democrats don't believe in America's borders. Where do they get this stuff? I've never heard...

Feb. 27 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

BYH, I think AMC movie theaters have a policy against bringing guns inside, yet one made it it in anyway — point being, we don't need more laws. Enforce laws that are on the books already. AMC and their policy did nothing to prevent this man from bringing and firing a gun inside. AMC will not get my money anymore. As a lawful concealed-carry license holder, I cannot being my legal gun to protect myself because of this policy, while the criminal could care less about your policies.

Does the Bible say which child shall be leading us? Will it be the brainwashed socialism-espousing children or the ones eating Tide Pods on YouTube? Yes...Lord help us all.

Tell me when those Dugout Dudes stop bothering baseball fans and I will return to the stadium. Their antics are fine, but belong in The Jungle.

Bless your heart to those in favor of gun control. I believe in gun control. Handle your gun properly and you'll have it — gun control.

Bless your heart to the road builders in this state. The fairly new roundabout at Fire Tower and Portertown is totally falling apart. Are there no road inspectors in North Carolina?

BYH, there should be an unwritten rule that high school resource officers should be hired only from a pool of retired military veterans. They are battle-hardened and would know to instinctively run toward the sound of gunfire, not stake a position outside and wait it out.

I want to give the BYH staff credit where credit is due. They always decline to print anything I send in that would result in an angry mob showing up at my front gate.

No BYH, if you are running for a political office and you want people to vote for you. Please use a photo without sunglasses on your head. Very unprofessional!

Bless Your Heart to DOT for a quick fix for Herman Garris. Cars are now speeding up and down the road. Back to normal in only a few days. Happy driving y'all.

Another school shooting and guns are back in the news. Except for felons found in possession of a gun. That never makes the news and it happens in Pitt County all the time.

My mail carrier has constantly delivered the wrong mail in my mailbox and it continues today. I had to go to automatic payments to my creditors because of lost mail concerning my accounts. When I do not get my billing statements on a certain day of the month I have to immediate call to confirm the amount that is due. I am certain that some of my mail has been deposited in someone’s mail box across the neighborhood. Frustrated.

I attended the funeral of a good buddy today. In his final days I asked him if he had any regrets. He replied, "I wish I had more time to try and figure out my cable and cellphone bills." Goodbye, ol' chap, goodbye.

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