BYH to the one saying that Democrats don't believe in America's borders. Where do they get this stuff? I've never heard...

March 1 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Bless Your Heart to the two best ever (my opinion) BYH entries, fixing the chancellor’s house with Chip and Joanna and the Honda golf event which was nothing more than a Tiger Woods love-fest broadcast. Keep up the wonderful comments in BYH.

Bless our hearts, when are the streets of Greenville going to be safe again? Oh, I don't mean for us. I mean for our vehicles.

BYH, the “no guns” sign did a fine job of keeping guns out of the AMC theater! Me and my concealed carry permit will take my business elsewhere!

About the shooting at the movie theater, I think the new rule that they have made about having to pick your seat before you ever go into the theater has a lot to do with hostility. Before, with first-come, first serve you just sat down, but now if someone sits down and they’re in your seat, then that causes confrontation with the person who thinks its their seat and the person whose seat it isn’t. Why can’t we go back to first-come, first serve? We never had the problem of arguing about seats then.

My smart neighbor says that the warm weather is due to global warming. I asked what if it turned cold again before spring. He said that would be Trump's fault. Of course if he was really smart he could shut up his barking dog. But then again maybe he is the one who barks during the night.

Need I remind you that the Democratic National Committee rigged the Democrat Presidential primary so that Hillary and Bill would be the nominee. And therefore to everyone's surprise, Trump won. Trump was surprised himself. If you want to turn Trump out, nominate someone who is not so objectionable. Duh.

I would like to see the government student loan department take over the financing of new cars. Then we could combine all the complaints about paying for that wreck of a car for 72 months just as we complain about the wreck of our lives by student loans. To be honest, I really did not realize I had to keep paying for those college years. If I had known, I might have studied harder and maybe gone to class once in a while. Or maybe not.

If 50 percent of my co-workers would use 50 percent of their brains, my life would be 100 percent less stressful.

BYH, Officer Ray Waters. You went above and beyond to help a frustrated mom. We need more caring people like you!

Bless anyone's heart who can tell me how a Title I school doesn't have paper for printers or the copy machines.

Congratulations to the Trinity Christian School girls’ varsity basketball team. They won their conference. As a parent I am really proud of the coaches, the children and everyone who participated. We were really proud of them!

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