BYH to the one saying that Democrats don't believe in America's borders. Where do they get this stuff? I've never heard...

March 2 Bless Your Heart


Friday, March 2, 2018

BYH to the NCDOT and the bidding system. As someone stated yesterday about the roundabout coming apart, these new roads start coming apart with potholes and cracks quickly. Surprise, surprise, these roads and features go to the lowest bidder with the lowest standards and no consequences from the DOT!

No BYH to the detective in 1994 Donte Sharpe case. Could your lies to grand juries and entrapper chickens finally be coming home to roost?

BYH to the Chamber of Commerce in Farmville for leading the way to our town being the first in America to support a more active and healthy lifestyle with those lemon and lime-colored bikes that anyone can rent, use and leave. It is an awesome program. The chamber's leadership in this is great support for more people supporting our downtown businesses and enjoying riding around town. I hope that you'll lead the way in increasing the number of parking spaces for bikes soon.

BYH to the ads against Walter Jones. Everyone knows the tax plan was designed for corporations, not the average American. The middle class has gotten “crumbs” which are temporary unlike the major corporate tax cuts which are permanent. Walter Jones has done much for the VA and eastern N.C. Your boy backs Trump? Sorry to hear that.

Bless your heart to the writer in this column who says, in effect, five million NRA Americans can trump (pardon the pun) the other 318 million Americans. There is a large contingent in the 318 million that believe in the Second Amendment and have firearms, but do not belong to the NRA

BYH-not, Dugout Dudes, for your constant childish comments toward the opposition players and to some of the dog pound members for the same type yells. Yell for your team, not insults to the other players. Show a little class!

Trump and his oil industry buddies want to drill off our coast and say it will bring jobs, jobs, jobs — yeah, like cleaning sludge off the beach and washing oil-coated seabirds and turtles. Not jobs we should want! Say no to drilling!

BYH ECU to allow skateboarders to ruin costly grounds repair and refurbishments. Maybe it's ECU Skatepark!

BYH every driver in Greenville on any rainy evening. How do we do we stay in our lanes when there are no lines on the road for us to see?!

Bless Your Heart, Dick's, for initiating a positive step toward controlling the gun problem in this country. Your policies on AR-15s, age for purchasing firearms and discontinuing sales of extended magazines are commendable. Gun control is a sensitive subject. But we all agree there is a problem that must be addressed. Each side needs to “give a little” until we make the streets of this country safe for all.

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