BYH to the one saying that Democrats don't believe in America's borders. Where do they get this stuff? I've never heard...

March 3 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bless Your Heart, ECU. My head is spinning, the dollars being spent for hiring and moving new appointees. Really, $15,000 to move from Wilmington, $5,000 for temporary living expenses and car allowance of almost $8,000. Sounds as if the gravy train is in charge. If I had a student attending ECU, I would be wondering if the powers in charge had money trees growing on campus!

BYH, please give me a break! Thank goodness we have public TV even with the great reruns and requests for donations! If you don't want to donate, then just keep watching the garbage and demeaning commercials on the regular stations. Geez!

BYH, President Trumpinski, or is it Trumpanov? Your failure to question Russian intervention in our elections is tantamount to treason. So will you run into this mess unarmed (so bravely, despite the bone spurs), or will you simply declare yourself emperor?

BYH. Machine guns and other automatic rifles were banned in 1934 with the "National Firearms Act.” The AR-15 is not an automatic rifle nor a military weapon. Do your homework.

Bless My Heart as an NRA member who is finally fed up with the collateral damage from a liberal gun policy and I haven't even lost any children or grandchildren!

BYH to the Town Common and its "improvements.” What a joke. If you want to see a downtown river area, check out Greenville, South Carolina. Those people know what they are doing — 26 miles of trails and many venues.

Curse their hearts, the Republicans govern like the vote is already fixed in advance, like there are no consequences for anything they could ever do and actually proved that by unconstitutionally holding open a Supreme Court seat for a year. Now they just rolled back banking rules put there after the 2008 crisis. They set the clock ticking to the next banking crisis, maybe even banking collapse.

Thank you to the medical staff at Vidant hospital in every department who took such good care of me each year since 2014. I have been admitted several times with serious health problems, even surgery. Everyone in every department was so professional and kind, from the E.R. to X-ray to the food crew, even housekeeping. Thank you again and may God bless each of you. The Jones Family.

The man stood at the intersection. The wind was cold. A woman drove up and stopped at the red light turn signal, first in line. She turned her head to a front-seat passenger and spoke. Never once did she look at the man standing on his one leg, mutely asking for help. The light turned green. She drove off. How do I know this? I am that woman, afraid he might fall hobbling to the car, embarrassed I had only two dollars and 43 cents. Now, haunted. Bless his heart. Bless my heart. 

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