BYH to the one who thinks that we are energy independent because of this president. The initiatives you speak of began...

March 5 Bless Your Heart


Monday, March 5, 2018

BYH Pirate basketball. I was a Michael Perry fan until he stood there useless with 1:45 on the clock and no pressure on Tulsa bringing the ball in and up court. The effort in the second half was disgusting.

No BYH to drivers with no clue where to drive because it is raining and there are no white lines on the road to show them which lane, or where in their lane they should be! OMG, do me a favor just stay off the road. Better yet, Don't drive at all!

I love the idea of adding a greenway system to the town of Farmville. I think that it would an incredible addition to an already dynamic and exciting energized small town. First small town in the entire country to get LimeBikes and now serious planning for a long overdue greenway, well done to the town's leaders. 

Bless our heart, what did we do to deserve an oligarchical kakistocracy?

BYH … please tell me that the one who wrote in saying that the recent theater shooting could have been avoided without assigned seating. I certainly don't like that idea, but I'm not sure I can fault that for a shooting. Let's hold the person responsible. Surely assigned seating isn't justification for shooting into a place where our children and public were sitting.

I wish marijuana would be legalized before I go to meet my maker. Wonder if some of those high class churches will use it during communion. I have heard some churches serve wine during the ceremony. Will it be, "Puff, puff, pass and bless you?"

BYH, Boyd Street in Winterville for finally getting some sidewalks built. So many years it took to make you almost a complete street for all users. Maybe someday you'll be complete with bike lanes, too.

Bless your heart to the college students that cross the corner of Fifth and Evans every Saturday night and endure but ignore the rantings of an obviously deranged individual standing on his soap box exercising his civil rights by screaming hell fire and damnation because their skirts are too short. He screams “whore” at them. Is this not a form of assault GPD?

Bless your heart to those that insist when they talk to you on the telephone that they need your Social Security number. You don’t want to give your Social Security number because you aren’t sure you have a secure line, and then it will become public knowledge.

Bless your heart to the mail carriers. We have a time in Cherry Oaks. I don’t get some of my bills. Some of my mail goes out late. I’m supposed to get newspapers from out of town. I don’t get them. I don’t know what the problem is, but if I held my job that way, I’d get fired.

BYH, if I was driving around with pageant judge decals on my car, I wouldn't have a three-month expired license plate.

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