BYH to the one who thinks that we are energy independent because of this president. The initiatives you speak of began...

March 6 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

BYH to Yankee infrastructure. I recently spent $8 on tolls driving up I-95 through Maryland and another $8 in Delaware (one way). Apparently we need to start charging on our I-95 and earn road-building dollars on the thousands that drive through daily.

BYH, it's like America is a bus and a 71-year-old narcissist speed addict is maniacally driving and we are all staring at each other because 30 percent of the passengers like the way his driving is upsetting the rest of us.

BYH to whomever: The kid in Florida bought that gun with an expired ID of some kind. Let's go after that gun store. There are a lot of good, law-abiding gun stores. That store was not one of them. We have laws on the books to prevent some of this mess. Let's use them.

Bless your heart to the tariffs for raising prices. I had no idea what to do with the tax cut.

Bless your heart to the folks at Pitt Greenville Airport who cannot pick up the phone to call someone to service the escalator. It's been squealing like a stepped-on puppy for at least the last six months.

I enjoyed the DR article on the Army's fight against obesity. When I was drafted those who were overweight went to the "Fat Platoon." Of course, now it is not politically correct to say "Fat Platoon," but my sergeant was really not much into political correctness. I have seen grown men break down and cry when sent to the "Fat Platoon." Reduced rations and more exercise were the daily fare.

BMH, got on a green bike in downtown Farmville to go to a local coffee house. But I could not find one. Bikes need a GPS route guide built into handlebars.

BYH to all the people commenting on the wonderful care their family member received while they were an inpatient at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. I guess the staff was so busy taking care of their family member that no one had a chance to offer my husband a wash cloth or toothbrush or change the sheets on his bed while he was a patient.

BYH? to the fake reality Faux News lives in. For instance, the banner under one of their hosts said "Americans don't care about Russian meddling" as if wishing and saying it made it true. The latest CNN poll showed that 72 percent of Americans are very or somewhat concerned about interference by Russia in our election. The only ones that shouldn't be concerned are the Russians.

BYH Fox News you covered the burial ceremony of the Rev. Billy Graham from beginning to end. You also played the ceremony when he was lying in state in our nation's rotunda in the Capitol. And it was commercial free! Just goes to show which station is more in tune with the American people.

BYH to Greenville. There is no place I'd rather live!

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