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March 7 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

BYH to all of us who have been driving on Dixon Road in Pitt County for all these years. They have finally paved it — and not a moment too soon! Hallelujah! The days of playing “dodge the potholes” are over.

BYH DOT. It was very thoughtful of you to resurface Greenville Boulevard and the finishing touch you did to make it fit in with all our other roads. Very kind of you to leave the manholes two to three inches below grade so we would not have one single road without bone-jarring cavities to enjoy. Great job!

BYH, did you hear Trump's speech where he praised China's President Xi Jinping? "He's now president for life, that's great. Maybe we'll have to give that a shot someday".” He wasn't kidding. One well-timed nuke launch and he would cancel elections in a New York minute.

I don't know if this is a bad idea or a good idea. It’s just an idea. But what if they had trained police dogs to help protect the teachers and the kids instead of arming the teachers? This way nobody would get hurt or killed — if they had top professional police dogs that know how to disarm a human being.

Why do they call the emergency room at Vidant  “emergency”? My wife was there from 2:30-8:30 p.m. Monday and I didn’t hear a word or anything on how she was doing. It’s just amazing to me that it takes hours to find out what is wrong with your wife (or husband). They ought to call it purgatory. This place is awful.

A no-BYH to people who who mosey into your kiosk or restaurant at the last minute with their family or assortment of friends and expect you to fix their food. You can see we are scrubbing the floor and cleaning counters. Are you serious?

BYH to the news reporters that keep telling us that the chancellor's new residence was purchased below market value. The article even quotes the ECU foundation thanking the owner for "allowing us to purchase ...” A quick check of Pitt County OPIS shows the home valued at $931,932. If anyone wants to buy my home for 39 percent more than its OPIS value, I'd be happy, and you don't even need to thank me in the paper.

Bless your heart, the Dail House remains vacant since the chancellor won't live there. The Daily Reflector reports the athletic director has sold his home in Ironwood. Maybe we can rent the Dail House to the AD? I seriously doubt he will want to buy another house in Greenville given the state of ECU athletics. Heaven knows the the athletic department can use the revenue!

Bless our hearts, let’s be real: the NRA is a terrorist-promoting organization. You can be a gun owner and be responsible as a gun owner without the NRA.

Bless your heart and welcome back to Greenville, the Voice of Pirate Baseball, Corey Gloor. You bring Pirate Baseball to life on the radio. Just like being at Clark-LeClair!

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