A no BYH to the neighbor constantly burning. You got me sick. So I’m sending you the dr bill....

March 8 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, March 8, 2018

BYH, fake reality? Faux News? CNN poll? One, we know who CNN polls, and, two, was that one of the polls that had Hill up by 20? My advice: Don't take any wooden rubles.

To locate the Rise & Grind Coffee shop stand by the LimeBike stand, face the building and walk five feet into the coffee shop door.

The analogy of the 71-year-old bus driver holding hostages was genius! I am one of the 30 percent who supports the driver. It is true that this minority revels in the fact that the other 70 percent are very uneasy. It is a bit scary. I guess we'll have to see how it ends.

Bless the heart of the world’s best teacher — academically and intellectually gifted teacher. Thank you for all the planning, organizing and supervising of a great field trip to Raleigh. The children of Eastern Elementary represented Pitt County Schools well. The learning was truly worth the drive!

BYH, any pittance you got from Trump's tax cuts last year will be more than made up by how much more you will be paying for everything if his steel and aluminum tariffs are enacted, sparking trade wars. Farmers and other American exporters will be the ones hardest hit from that idiocy. How do you like him now?

BYH and glory be! I'm so excited about the Fifth Street theater opening by August that I can't wait. The article said it will be run by the same company that runs the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, where I saw Stephen Stills, Leon Russell, Little Feat, Hot Tuna, Dweezil Zappa and Robin Trower. Can you imagine getting those performers here? Thank you, Greenville. Support live music!

Bless the hearts of the taxpayers of N.C., but will someone please explain why they don't build a Key West-type bridge system in low places along N.C. 12? Mother Nature keeps doing what Mother Nature is supposed to do, and we humans keeps making the same mistakes over and over. "Me thinks I smell our politicians hard at work."

Any high capacity semi-automatic rifle of sufficient caliber can serve as an assault weapon. If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, guess what?

BYH Greenville crime fighters. Seems like you're shoveling snow in an avalanche. Too many brazen career criminals that come from and promote a culture of guns and violence.

BYH to us all. Gun control is great, but birth control is where it all starts. Raising responsible, well-adjusted children requires a lot of resources. Those who don't have the ability to provide for their physical, emotional and financial needs simply shouldn't have them.

BYH, Greenville residents. Google "plogging" and then join the effort to clean up Greenville streets. It can also be done while walking (palking) or hiking (piking).

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