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March 14 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I want to thank everyone who helped me when my car was hit and disabled. There are definitely a lot of good and caring people in North Carolina.

BYH: someone wrote that Greenville is the only place they have ever lived that they could have pollen under the snow on their car.

BYH to the people who live in Sterling Pointe. So much crime and unruly teenagers who have no regard for the law. Parents do nothing to discipline. Child Protective Services and the police should start looking into what goes on there.

BTHs (not) of the beggars who lurk at University Commons. Even worse are those who are "selling" (probably blank) homemade "music" CDs to raise money for cousin's kidney transplant. They never approach couples or groups, only women shopping alone. I hate going there, and do so as little as possible.

BYH to ECU's plan to become a world-class university and getting too big for its britches. Lots of big time missteps in the headlines lately. Baby steps, people!

Poor Trump, bless his heart, he got away all his life with ignoring laws and thought he could do that as president and presumed he could deal with the national media the way he manipulated the tabloids as a “billionaire.” I'm running out of popcorn.

BYH Tyson’s Farms Homeowners Association. When will something be done about uprooted utility boxes on Lena Lane?

Town of Farmville, how many visitors are getting a terrible first impression and never returning? They get off the four-lane and then try to turn into that pot-holed, ditch-looking driveway going into Bojangles or McDonald’s. First impressions matter.

The World Health Organization now warns us of Disease X which might wipe us all out. I only hope X will give us time for ECU to have a winning basketball season. And maybe fix a few potholes here and there. I do not think I am asking for too much.

Bless your heart, Rose Freshman Baseball. There’s a character component to the game — or there should be. When your players poke fun at opposing players and use foul language in the dugout for all to see and hear — that's not a winning team!

BYH to the uninformed citizen of Bethel who feels the town is robbing the citizens blind with the high water bills. This mule has been whipped so many times the SPCA is probably going to be notified. For the accurate facts, please attend town meetings or contact the town manager, the town clerk or any of the commissioners. PS: the town is audited yearly.

BYH to people who work hard every day and just mind their own business! Thank you very much! You are all greatly appreciated!

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