BYH: To the ECU Leaders. Alcohol Beverages at a football game. You are asking for trouble. Drunks at the game already...

March 15 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, March 15, 2018

How do you decide which candidate to support in the sheriff's race? I do not know any of them, but I do love some law and order. Is there one of them that is tough on crime or are they all into coddling the poor criminals?

BYH, The Daily Reflector, for the coverage of the North Pitt girls’ basketball championship game in Chapel Hill. We get very little attention north of the River, so thank you very much. We are so proud of the coach and his team.

The analogy of Trump being a crazed bus driver driving a bus full of Americans off a cliff is so apt. Now this man is going to negotiate with Kim Jong-un about nuclear weapons. Trump doesn’t study, learn or listen. He’s just fired his Secretary of State and hired someone who hasn’t been tested as Secretary of State or as a diplomat . He is just a representative from Kansas who has had some CIA experience under Trump. This doesn’t make any sense, folks. I want off the bus.

BYH to local drivers, and you wonder why your auto insurance is much higher than anywhere else. On Red Banks there is a big sign indicating there is no left turn when you get to 14th Street because it is closed due to railroad crossing repair. Today I saw four cars in the left lane, ready to turn left. Geez!

BYH haunted lady from a couple of weeks ago. Really — bless your heart. Your contribution to BYH should be put on a billboard. Your painful honesty speaks to an awareness we would all be blessed to have, and our world would be such a better place. Thank you for sharing. Bless you.

Bless your heart, Pitt Community College. Your spring break is a week before Pitt County Schools’ spring break. Have you forgotten that many of your students are parents who have kids in Pitt County Schools? Some can't afford child care. Some will miss class. Some students will be dropped for missing too many days. How does this help retention? Is there any thought put into your calendar?

I favor drilling off the coast of North Carolina. We can be as rich as the Middle East. And drilling can't hurt fishing because the catch limits are already so small that it is not worth going. Drill on and bring up that black gold.

Bless your heart to the person trying to marginalize mass shooting victims based on the number of drug deaths. People who die from drugs have some choice and responsibility versus the innocent. What an inhumane and sad logic.

Bless your heart to the “drug arrest made near elementary school” — $1,000 bond according to jail bookings — $100 and back on the street. Where’s the outrage? 

Thank you to the lady at the Harris Teeter supermarket. When I was purchasing my order it came to over $100. The lady was so kind to give me her coupon for $10 off. I just want to say thank you so much for doing that — very thoughtful, very good people out there.

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