No BYH to Trump voters, you elected a bulldozer to our norms, institutions and very stability. and whatever happens...

March 16 Bless Your Heart


Friday, March 16, 2018

BYH, you'd better pray that Trump's tariffs and other idiotic policies don't lead to a stock crash or even cascade into a worldwide trade war against us, leading to an economic downturn. Tariffs are just backdoor taxes.

Bless their hearts, I'm voting for the people in 2018 who will push to enforce gun regulations that are already in place and do more to check out the mentally unstable. I will not vote for anyone who does nothing.

I think I saw a unicorn today in Greenville. I actually saw the driver of a silver Honda CRV stop when a pedestrian was in the crosswalk. The pedestrian was just as shocked that a driver understood the law and followed it. Maybe there is hope that one day it will become safe to walk in our city.

No BYH, Commissioner Webb. That’s right, just add $30 per year to residents’ property tax. Mere crumbs! School safety is common-sense solutions, not having to throw more dollars at it to solve. By the way, where is the money from the red light camera fines going?

BYH to talented home builders in Greenville. This is a plea to you to come up with an affordable housing unit/area for those of us who can't afford the high-dollar resort-type senior citizens places here. All we need is a living room, eat-in kitchen, a good- sized bedroom with a good-sized bath & closet and a small bedroom for storage or overnight guests. You have no idea how many seniors have stated to me that they wish Greenville had a place like this.

Bless your heart to our educators for allowing our schools to be turned into political tools for liberal causes. No wonder the American education system has become the worst in the world. Our children are not prepared for work after graduation. Any superintendent or principal supporting the walkout should be replaced.

BMH, I need a support group. I emotionally support my dying husband and needy young children. Is there a group for caregivers?

BYH to those lime beach bikes that are now all over the town. I thought that were just for ECU's main campus but now I see them park anywhere and everywhere ... regardless if there is a bicycle rack or not. It is like we have been invaded by a bunch of healthy aliens. Don't they know this is the tobacco, barbecue, cancer and obesity center for the state?

Bless my heart, I absolutely do not understand the excitement about lime bikes and I absolutely have not seen any of the riders wearing helmets.

Bless my heart. Pay more for quality American-made products. I have a U.S.-made lawn furniture set. My sister has gone through three big-box sets, spending $400 for each. She’s looking for a fourth set. My American-made set cost $1,000 and still looks new.

BYH, be as you want to seem.

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