BYH: To the ECU Leaders. Alcohol Beverages at a football game. You are asking for trouble. Drunks at the game already...

March 18 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bless the weather's heart. It inspired me to write a haiku: "Winter did not leave / Jilted lovers never do / 'And another thing!'"

BYH to the service department of the Subaru dealership. These gentlemen always treat this old lady with courtesy and kindness.

BYH, so Rex Tillerson, our Secretary of State and the one who holds Thomas Jefferson's old job, was fired by Trump via Twitter. Who does that?

As winter comes to a close and the weather stays warmer, it is great to get outside more and walk/run around town. It is sad to see the great number of discarded cigarette butts that are on our streets, sidewalks, and parks. Please think twice before you litter, BYH.

BYH for the county sheriff's department for not having enough funds to patrol so they may have to park their cars. Good news for them — LimeBikes are here now. They can be used for patrolling for just $1 for a half hour. The officers will lose weight, reduce their girth, and be healthier too — bonus savings for us taxpayers.

Congrats to Winterville for finally starting to address the quality of life and non-motorized commuters by funding a greenway project in town. It is great to see them following Greenville and Farmville's lead in recognizing the need for such trails in our area.

How about we put minor criminals on house arrest? Let their family feed them and wash their clothes.

At our men's Bible study a young man complained to me that his fiancee never agreed with him on anything. I told him that was the essence of marriage and that they would be a happy couple. Having a wife who agrees with you sometimes is a road to divorce because sooner or later she will realize that you are always wrong.

Two decades ago an adulterous, untruthful, narcissist named Bill Clinton exposed the hypocrisy of Democrats. Today an adulterous, untruthful, narcissist named Donald Trump has exposed the hypocrisy of Republicans. Bless our hearts for our shallow morality.

BYH to the utility workers who cut off any use of sidewalks by using them as parking spaces for their trucks and vehicles. As a disabled vet, this cuts me off from attending classes, socializing, food shopping or getting to work. Please don't continue to block the sidewalks. Maybe someday you may need them as well.

BMH, I had computer trouble so I called my 13-year-old to help fix it. He clicked a few buttons and was walking away when I asked him what the problem was, he said it was an ID ten T issue and I should write it down if I was curious what that was. ID10T. He wasn't my favorite kid anyway.

BYH, if you are in need, ask God. If you have no need, thank God.

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