BYH: To the ECU Leaders. Alcohol Beverages at a football game. You are asking for trouble. Drunks at the game already...

March 20 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I'd like to give a big BYH shout-out to the people that helped to plant trees on St. Paddy's Day. I've lived in Greenville for 70 plus years and they are examples of why I am still here. We have awesome, caring people in my city. From the youngest, to the college-aged and us "senior" citizens,” we care and Greenville is the better for it. Thank you each and everyone for making Greenville great.

BYH, no matter what you've heard on Fox “News,” undocumented immigrants don't qualify for “free stuff.” You must be thinking about the $180 billion the top 500 corporations get in corporate welfare, but Fox “News” won't tell you about that.

BYH to China! Why did they let that election slip through their fingers for changing the term limits for their leader? Is he president forever, dictator or king? Guess he could be anything he wanted at this point!

No BYH to a LimeBike left overnight on a sidewalk. This is a safety hazard for someone walking or running at night. Why do you not have a customer service number to contact you about this so you can pick it up and move it?

Telehealth is the new thing in healthcare. I look up my symptoms on the internet and then order my medicine from Thailand. Works like a charm. I am not sure that my blood pressure is down due to the medicine or due to not having to wait an hour in the doctor's waiting room. Then when the doc does come in, he breezes in and out faster than a speeding bullet. Which is amazing, considering his girth.

BYH to the person suing over the red light camera program, effectively preventing access to funds. You need to immediately drop your petty suit so schools can afford additional safety measures, among other critical needs. My kids' safety is more important than the few of you who want to run red lights. But then, again, if you’re doing that, I guess you couldn’t care less about safety.

Well, bless my heart. I actually saw someone riding a bike in the bicycle lane on Red Banks Road. Those bike lanes are worth every penny of taxpayers money.

BYH — I couldn't agree more with the person writing in about Rose freshman baseball. I'm an opposing team parent and was surprised multiple players weren't removed for lack of character. I hope parents address this since it appears nobody else is.

The “war on guns” will be simple to win once we win the “war on drugs.” Not wise to fight two wars at the same time. Probably will not take long to finish off the “war on drugs” and then guns will disappear like the drugs did.

Bless the hearts of the two Pitt County robotics teams, Pitt Pirates and Boneyard, for their outstanding performances at the FIRST Robotics Competition at UNC-Pembroke this past weekend. Well done!

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